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erleaders tend to be short and petite. That being said, the guy in this photo appears to have his work cut out for him, trying to get this young lady on his shoulders.

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er Fact: The sport of erleading first started in the United States of America. There is supposedly an unwritten rule in erleading which states, if you throw someone in the air, be sure to catch them.

It looks like three of the four girls were able to make the catch. This photo shows what can happen when a erleader loses his or her focus. While they were able to keep the girl being thrown from hitting the ground, this incident still must have been a tad embarrassing.

er Fact: The first nationally televised erleading competition in the United States aired back in It was known as the Collegiate erleading Championship and was featured on CBS. The University of North Carolina became the event's first champion. Having a ton of school or team spirit is essential for any erleader who hopes to get the crowd on their feet.

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That being said, it could be possible to have too much spirit. If such a thing is indeed possible, then the gentleman pictured here might be a perfect example.

Jun 12,   Celebrity Bikini Malfunctions. It happens to the best of Us! From former Spice Girls to Desperate Housewives, these female celebs have suffered some Jun 18,   11 Miley Cyrus Crotch Shots by Hilton Hater at June 18, pm. Miley Cyrus waxes. How do we know? Just ck out these crotch shots. 1. Miley Cyrus Crotch Close-Up View 2 NSFW pictures and enjoy FireCrotch with the endless random gallery on Go on to discover millions of awesome videos and pictures in thousands of other categories

I suppose if one had to choose, it's probably better to have too much spirit as opposed to not enough. Whatever the case may be, this guy definitely brought it to this particular competition. er Fact: Several of the most famous celebrities around were erleaders before they hit it big.

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Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and even Cameron Diaz are all former erleaders. Interestingly enough, Bring it On stars Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union both had prior erleading experience before making the film. From Jacques performed on the Florida independent pro wrestling circuit. He also has an amateur wrestling background and currently holds a certification in Krav Maga. Jacques graduated from the University of Central Florida inwith a balor's degree in Political Science.

He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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Follow him on twitter goodeals By Jacques Martin Published Sep 05, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. via okchicas. via Deuceontheclock. via Nuropo. via viralnova.

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via Pinterest. Next 10 Great WWE PPVs Ruined By One Terrible Moment.

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Jul 08,   Pro erleaders surely have lots of pep. They're always erful and ready to roar it's all part of the program. Whether they er at the college level or are rooting on some of the world's best ballplayers, these gals (and a couple of guys) are in it to win it Aug 06,   HOT GINGER CROTCH SHOT! EPIC! PRANK! Vag-Shot-A-RAMA! movements. Double Dutch Crotch Shot Prank. Jaydon Tina. Epic Holi Prank by Kids on hot girls From Prank You. Hashle india Prank. Epic Sniper Shot prank. Romantico. Epic Sniper Shot prank. Hot girls prank! Oil Boy shot challenge edition Young sick woman with hands holding pressing her crotch lower abdomen. Medical or gynecological problems, healthcare concept. Close up of a young woman holding a balloon to explain the diaphragm zones, core and pelvic floor. Pelvic floor exercises. Explained

Miley Cyrus Sex Position. Note to Liam Hemsworth: Are you sure about this breakup?

It looks like you're missing out. Miley Cyrus in Spain. Miley Cyrus hikes up her crotch string and sticks out her tongue and We're not entirely sure what she is doing in this concert still.

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Miley Cyrus Does a Split. Whoa there, Miley Cyrus! The singer nearly shows it all off during this show in Spain.

Sep 05,   Top 15 Most Embarrassing erleader Photos Ever Taken. Whatever one's personal feelings are toward erleaders, one thing is for certain; View top-quality stock photos of Close Up View Of Female Crotch. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images View NSFW pictures and enjoy Upshorts with the endless random gallery on Go on to discover millions of awesome videos and pictures in thousands of other categories

Miley is Money. Miley Cyrus isn't just sticking out her tongue in this concert photo. She's exposing her waxed crotch to all fans. The Crotch of Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus Humps a Car. Now we know what Miley Cyrus does when not performing on stage: she's visiting a wax specialist. Miley Cyrus and Her Butt.

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With a sky-high kick like this, this confident erleader would make any squad. She is showing off her stellar skills on the field, something the team surely appreciates. Although, she may feel sore come sunset!

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These erleaders are certainly well-coordinated. While their outfits vary, one thing is the same.

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Their high-flying hairdos are well-choreographed, down to the strand. Perhaps it is a requirement to have long hair in order to be part of this routine. These gals are bending over backward to show their commitment to the team. It takes strength to stay in such a position, so it is evident that these ladies keep in shape.

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This move takes practice, but usually, the warm-ups are done when there are no crowds watching. Come game time, there are lots of folks in the stadium to see the erleaders and players.

Hopefully, this erleader had something on underneath her uniform. These gals have perfected this pose, but the one in the middle is in something of a compromising position.

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While her form is fantastic, this angle is not exactly something she would want on full display. Part of what erleaders must do to keep things energetic is to smile, shout, and shake up the crowd.

But this overly enthusiastic gal is going a tad overboard. Her perkiness is at level 10, making us think she may have one cup of coffee too many pre-game. She could stand to take it down a notch.

We all know that erleaders must match, but these big white bows are not part of the usual uniform. A small hair tie would do the trick, but this squad is making a style statement. A Western theme is always popular, and these blonde bombshells are showing the fans why cowgirls make the best erleaders.

Their flannel shirts and Daisy Dukes are not usual uniform attire, but these erleaders may be starting a trend. As she shows off her flexibility, the crowd was surely in awe of her athleticism. The other members of the squad certainly have a lot to live up to, but it would be hard to compete with this swan-like lady.

These four ladies are hoping for a spot on the squad. Surely, lots of girls want to be erleaders, so the competition is fierce. If Mrs.

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