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CLICK HERE for our Online Class Google Calendar! Yoga Online Classes with Patreon! With the growing demand for online resources, we created a Patreon to bring our classes to you! Our online classes provide a great opportunity to begin or maintain your at-home Naked! Yoga practice, especially for those not ready to join us live. Willow will be the only person doing Naked! Yoga on the Live-Streams with the exception of the occasional demonstrator , so your practice will remain in the privacy of your own space!

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But until now they have never known why. Observations on this excursion have concluded the reason Mermaids choose this spot is the kelp. Macrocystis contains algin. Only recently have humans discovered this. Now, kelp byproducts are found in soap, toothpaste,hand creams etc. For centuries the Mermaids have known the regenerating power of the kelp and thus selected this beach with its huge offshore Macrocystis forest as a place to molt and regenerate.

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