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With some coaching from her father, Donal Ivanka has built a fashion empire of her own. Ivanka has been in the public eye for years. And of course, her father makes more than a few appearances in all his creepy glory. These shocking pictures should have never seen the light of day, but thanks to the Internet, they will live online forever. But as we all know, Ivanka and Donald have a relationship that borders on the creepy side. Yes, he actually said this on national TV in front of millions of viewers. Anyway, moving on.

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You have to see these awe-inspiring images. Breastfeeding is beautiful, and anyone who expects moms to do their nursing covered up and hidden out of sight just doesn't understand how important and empowering it is. That's the message influencer Katya Nova is spreading through her Instagram page, nurturingnovas , which has gone viral in part because of the gorgeous images showing her breastfeeding nearly topless in a pool. Based on the support Katya's page has recieved, we're clearly not the only ones in awe of her photos and inspiring message. RELATED: 10 Reasons Breastfeeding Is Good for You.

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Jennifer Frizzley wasn't thinking of making a statement when she first took off her shirt during her hot yoga class - she was simply overheating and didn't have a sports bra with her. Prior to taking off her shirt, Frizzley said, she asked - and had been granted - permission from both her class instructor and staff at the front desk of Quantum Yoga Club. Her usual sports attire was dirty from a previous class and she was wearing a thicker shirt than usual in the heat. But after the class, she was approad by an instructor and asked to cover up next time. Frizzley argued against the idea that it's up to her to not distract others. Going topless in B. is not illegal.

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