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Post a Comment. Thursday, June 1, Babes of Yesteryear - Uschi Digard, Part VI: Babes of Yesteryear : a wasted life 's irregular and PI feature that takes a look at the filmographies of the underappreciated actresses cum sex bombs of low-culture cinema of the past. Some may still be alive, others not. Being who we are, we might also take a look at some actor cum beefcake, if we feel like it. Astrid Debbie Bowman Brigette Briget Britt Marie Brown Clarissa Uschi Dansk Debbie Ushi Devon Julia Digaid Uschi Digaid Ushi Digant Ursula Digard Ushie Digard Ushi Digard Alicia Digart Uschi Digart Ushi Digart Ushi Digert Uschi Digger Beatrice Dunn Fiona Francine Franklin Gina Glenda Sheila Gramer Ilsa Jobi Cynthia Jones Karin Astrid Lillimor Astrid Lillimore Lola Marie Marceau Marni Sally Martin Mindy Olga Ves Pray Barbara Que Ronnie Roundheels Sherrie H. Sohl Heide Sohl Heidi Sohler U.

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It was a ap film, and the director had never made a film before in his life. When I broke down the script, I found out I had something like six different parts in flashback that I had to play, from different parts of the world and different eras. I went to the wardrobe department, and they were yawning and saying, "Yeah, well, we got this and that. I really had to bring a lot to it.

Prison Girls (Restored) Like Dislike Close. 9 months ago. xHamster. 65 The Black Alley Cats Like Dislike Close. 2 years ago. xHamster. 70 Uschi Digard in The Cut Throats Like Dislike Close. 1 year ago. xHamster. 50 fuck video Uschi Digard. Like Dislike Close. 7 months ago. PornoMovies. 79 Busty and Wet By Herself 2 Uschi Digart. Like Dislike Close. 2 Uschi Digard Uschi Digard (born August 15, in the near Stockholm town of Saltsjo-Duvnas in Sweden and raised in Scandinavia) is a Swedish former porn star and adult model best known for her roles in Russ Meyer films Uschi Digard Sexy Grindhouse Film. k 91 1min 12sec - p. Who is she hot mom. 4M 98 24min - p. Deutschland Porno. Das Flotenkonzert ist nichts wert - wenn die Uschi ist verkehrt. k 81 20min - p. Teens Love Anal. Fucking An Arab Babe (Aaliyah Hadid) M 98 10min - p. Classic Porn Big Boobs. M 99 min - p. Mastrubate Uschi for Robert. k 8 1min

And then the title was changed to Up Your Alley and it was sold as a sex film. These are the men who have their brains in their penises. That film went from one lowlife man to another, instead of going to someone with a little class and taste.

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It's a cute, funny little film. He dies before the deal is completed and Maria Haji persuades Seymour Frank Corsentino to pose as Marco in order to save her step-father who is held hostage by Marco's contacts. A non-embeddable trailer to the film can be found here at Something Weird Haji never looked better. Naked Rider :. The Dirt Gang. Jerry Jameson Uschi Digard, uncredited, appears as "Nude Gang Member with Blue Jeans at Orgy.

Brute Corps :. His next film, The Dirt Gamewas released by AIP the next year. It is dismissed by as a "sleazy biker film from the exploitation mill at AIP. One of the last examples of a genre that had outlived its time. Carr is genius as the bi-sexual, one-eyed gang leader complete with sparkly gold eye patch. I love how all the little character intimacies are developed and dovetail and trickle down to the insane climax.

Not your average 'fuck the establishment' biker movie. radio advertisement:. A cover version of a song from the movie. by Space Probe Taurus:. Michael Forest, still alive, has a long and active career in Europe and elsewhere as a character actor, with too many interesting movies to list.


Prison Girls. Tom De Simone Ah! Tom De Simone! Final scene of. Prison Girls :. The "plot"?

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says, "The story, such as it is, opens with a shower scene in a prison where a woman named Gertie Annik Borel tries to fool around with inmate Cindy Uschi Digard - who doesn't seem to be dubbed, for once. It doesn't go as planned with a few other inmates show up and they talk about how they're all getting a weekend pass that will let them out into the real world, thanks to Dr.

Reinhardt [ From there, the girls split the prison [ Lots of group gropes happen, at one point there's a body painting scene with Candy Samples in it, yeah mostly people have sex. It's not hardcore, at least not in this version, but it comes close at times. Uschi sports some white go-go boots and fucks a guy who looks like an MC5 roadie on a couch. As each of the female characters reconnects with a man from her past, bad shit happens - one gets beaten, one gets raped, one gets into it with a cell mate and, well, poor Cindy [Uschi]?

We won't spoil that but you won't see it coming.

No more, no less. Light on plot, the movie is entertaining enough thanks to the fact that it is pretty much chock full of softcore sex with some attractive and noteworthy actresses. But then, there's the appeal of something like this. German trailer to.

ck out best uschi digard bondage porn videos on xHamster. Watch all best uschi digard bondage XXX vids right now Babes of Yesteryear - Uschi Digard, Part II: , Part I Babes of Yesteryear, a wasted life's irregular and PI cis-gender feature, takes a look at the filmography of the underappreciated actresses cum sex bombs of low-culture cinema of the past. Some may still be alive, others not ag4food.com Candy Samples And Uschi Digard - Big Breast Orgy - p 2 h 2 min Topkat17 - M Views - p. Busty babe gets hard fucked. p 5 min Extreme Movie Pass - M Views - p. Mature Uschi. p 40 sec Robert - k Views - ag4food.com - desi telugu bhabhi hot boobs popping out while s. sexy tease. p 0 sec Desipapa - M Views - p. Classic big tits lesbian

Lady Dracula :. Where Does It Hurt?

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Rod Amateau. Supposedly based a novel The Operator by Rod Amateau and Budd Robinson, the title was changed to Where Does It Hurt? for the movie release.

If you manage to see Uschi in this obscure mainstream anti-establishment comedy, you have good eyes: she appears uncredited as a girl at a party. It is the second Peter Sellers movie in which she is a face in the party crowd; the first was I Love You Alice B. Toklas [, see Part I ]. A few minutes of. But the true highpoint of his career a release that he directed, produced, and co-wrote: The Garbage Pail Kids Moviean absolutely terrible film that is truly great as only absolutely terrible film can be.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie :. gives Where Does It Hurt? one star and seethes, "The film slanders nearly every ethnic minority at one time or another.

I've said numerous times in the past that 70's drive-in exploitation flicks are my all-time favorite movies to watch, so I've probably seen Uschi naked as much as any woman I've ever dated irl. She was more than just an amazing body though, she's incredibly intelligent (she's fluent in EIGHT languages, for God's sake) and to hear Russ Meyer speak of her, you'd think she was an angel

The language is profane, the proceedings inane, and the story insane. True, the film has a few laughs, but not enough to make up for the appalling lack of taste. in 1 minutes:. Richard A. Colla The artist of the above poster obviously couldn't resist the homage to Burt Reynolds' famous but extremely coy layout in Cosmoseen below. If you want to see a less coy photo of co-star Yul Brynner in his youth, we suggest looking at R.

As for Uschi Digard, to say that she is in this Boston-set movie is almost a joke: she i s supposedly seen briefly on a loop watd somewhere in the course of the movie. Space-Girl Dance :. Fuzz is one of but only three feature films directed by TV man Richard A.

An "action comedy", at one point Brian De Palma was set to direct, but he bailed. The script was based on one of Ed McBain's 87 th Precinct books, and indeed, "Ed McBain", aka as Evan Hunter, wrote the script. The setting, for whatever reason, was moved from New York to Boston. Hollywood Babylon. Van Guylder "[Joe] Van Guylder" is an oft-used pseudonym of Edward J. Forsyth 2 June - 29 Auga man who made a variety sleaze flick in his day.

Farbella " from Kenneth Anger 's fun but often factually inaccurate book, cover below.

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Two years previously, in" L. Farbella " wrote and produced The Tale of the Dean's Wife [full NSFW movie ], his or her only other known credit. Uschi is found twice in HB : somewhere as a party girl, and elsewhere as Marlene Dietrich.

In the latter case, that's some pretty odd casting. The Ramrodder :.

Blood Sabbath. Brianne Murphy Brianne Murphy 1 April - 20 Aug caught our attention years ago in Bloodlust! Four years earlier, inshe also played Pam, one of teenagers of Teenage Zombies - some sources say she was likewise married to the movie's director, the immensely untalented Z-film director Jerry Warren 10 March - 21 August Les Baxter's music to.

Blood Sabbath :. Desperate to make this impossible relationship work, he sells his soul to the evil leader of a local witch coven Dyanne Thorne for the promise of being able to be with his beloved. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but it all ends very badly.

Uschi digart babes

Over at Letterbox some guy named Jason M calls the movie a "Dopey, but entertaining piece of independent American filmmaking. Mixing fantasy, horror, sexploitation well, what did you expect from a movie with Dyanne Thorne and a bunch of wits? and in a way, H. Andersen's fairy-tale of The Little Mermaid in a sticky mixture that gets the job done - if you're in the mood for esy backyard filmmaking, poor acting and quick-fix solutions. With that said, theirs is actually one great storytelling tool in use here.

The Crown Jewel - guilt! A subplot concerning child sacrifices and David's guilt over what he's done in Vietnam drive him to the decisions he makes and the path the story takes. I will not be surprised if 'Sandra' was the respected Sandra: The Making of a Woman.

Wood Jr. movie Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love full NSFW film.

Babes of Yesteryear - Uschi Digard, Part VI: Babes of Yesteryear: a wasted life's irregular and PI feature that takes a look at the filmographies of the underappreciated actresses cum sex bombs of low-culture cinema of the past. Some may still be alive, others not. Our choice of whom we look at is idiosyncratic and entirely our own - but the actors are/were babes, one and all. (Being Uschi Digard and Rene Bond nude from Below the Belt uschi digard donna young,pantyhose vintage Funny Video With Uschi Uschi Digard and Jennie Lynn lesbo scene Lesbian Encounter Lesbo Celebs - Uschi Digard Jennie Lynn FANTASM COMES AGAIN. VINTAGE AUSTRALIAN Uschi Digard - From Babe to Mature Uploaded by phose Profile | Galleries | Videos | Favorites | Fanbase | Clubs | Comments | Blog | Chat: Add a description of the contents of your gallery, so it will be more visible for other users. Remember that you can also add descriptions to each image. Saving Description saved. Gallery Categories: Vintage, Mature, Hairy. 8,6 ( votes) Detailed

Sin 's production company, the Californian firm Mitamregistered to Wesley E. Full film. Tortured Females :. Uschi Digard picture above with Monica Gayle shows up briefly to play "Miss Lynn", a door-to-door make-up saleslady with whom Gayle "Sandra" eats fish taco. Trailer to Lee Frost's anti-classic. Love Camp 7 :. Depending on the version you believe, this movie is either a Russ Meyer classic of surreally episodic narrative, or a movie cobbled together from a project crippled by accidents.

features the premiere appearance of two Russ Meyer's favs actors: Uschi Digard and Charles Napier 12 April - 5 Oct The movie also featured the first full frontal of a nude male in a Meyer's movie, courtesy of Charles Napier's romping through the desert with Larissa Ely.

We took a look at the movie in our R. Napier plays Harry, a corrupt sheriff smuggling drugs out to get an Apa who has gone into the business for himself. Harry is shacked up with rry Linda Ashtona nurse, and bonks Raquel Larissa Elya hooker writer. They guys all die violently and the gals smoke pot and get it on in between, Uschi Digard romps around the desert naked. From the Movie.

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Toys of Our Time. performed by The Jacks and Balls! Oh, yeah: "Tom Wolfe", the credited co-scriptwriter, is actually Tom McGowan, a man best known as one of the co-directors of the infamous disasterpiece Night Train to Terror His segment in that movie, "The Case of Claire Hansen", was cobbled together from his movie, Cataclysm aka The Nightmare Never Ends " trailer ".

Ted Roter.

Aka Norma Isn't Quite Normal. Supposedly based on a book of the same name written by "Norma Stevens", but we were unable to locate any such novel or biography online although there is a Norma Steven out there who authored the surely gripping book, Homemaking, An Invitation to Greatness.

As Leslie Y. Rabkin states in her book The Celluloid Couch: An Annotated International Filmography of the Mental Health Professional in the Movies and Television, from the Beginning toNorma is "another remnant of the era when porn soft-core, to be sure had to be framed as a tale 'told to my shrink'.

Sinthia: The Devil's Doll :. Special note: Norma could possibly also be the big screen debut of long-deceased cult fave character actor George 'Buck' Flower 28 Oct - 18 Juneplaying "Mother".

Lead actress Mady Maguire went on to study law and went into family estate and conflict settlement; she currently seems to live in a southern state that doesn't rhyme with Kansas.

Therese and Isabelle :. The Politicians. Aka Naked Are The aters.

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Uschi Digrad, credited as "Heidi Sohler", shows up as briefly as normal to play Lisa, the masseuse. Bydirector Bob Augustus, a Texan whose real full name is Robert Augustus Burge, was in charge of the major porn video distribution firm VCXwhich he left two years later to found TVX Home Video. TVX ended up being on the wrong side of the Lara Jade Coton Casewhich "has become one of the defining copyright cases for small content creators. The Black Alley Cats :. Harry Reems shows up in that Wishman movie to get smothered.

Getting into Heaven. Edward L. Uschi, credited as "Marie Marceau", in a rare title role. We took a look at it in the entry of our R. Harry Novak, Part VIIwhere we wrote:. NSFW Trailer to. Getting into Heaven :. Okay, her Swedish accent, when left un-doctored, was so thick as to be impenetrable, but who really cares?

Montoro's steamy low-budgeter Getting into Heaven. I'm not here to tell you it's some lost classic or anything of the sort, but it is a fun, never-dull slice of skinema that stands apart from other productions of its ilk for, at the very least, being a consistently engaging production that all the principals involved in at least appear to be trying to make as good as it could possibly be.

Uschi GIF from cinegif. Private Arrangement.

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Wes Ransome In John S. Schuchman's Hollywood Speaks: Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry ISBNPrivate Arrangement is pointed out as an example "of deaf characters in sex-oriented films". Wh o is deaf, we dunno.

Director Wes Ransom aka as Wes Ransome seems to have made only one other film, 's Do Me! Do Me! poster below. Scriptwriter Abner Shaw was a one-shot wonder. Uschi, billed "Euji Swenson" shows up to play "Linda". All the Lovin' Kinfolk. Uschi shows up twice for a few blinks of the eye in an un-credited appearance, first for "an out-of-nowhere soft - core sex scene in a chicken coop" and then at the end as the one of the gals working at the house of fun.

Director John Hayes had already worked with Uschi in his film The Cut-Throatswhich we looked at in Part I: The film's true lead actress, Mady Maguire, as mentioned before, left the sleaze-film biz to earn money in law.

All the Lovin' Kinfolk :. That afternoon Cindy meets her salesman boyfriend, and they make love in a field, leaving Zeb to stand watch over the salesman's car. After a night at a roadhouse where the cousins make their first contact with the outside world, they reach Cindy's destination.

After fending off Luke's determined advances, Cindy is driven out of the town by the mountain folk, who have been told that she made improper advances toward her sister's husband. Determined to rescue her sister, Cindy goes to work as a prostitute in Madam Rose's Lynn York house. Meanwhile, Zeb has also met with disappointment. After arriving at the gas station, he found that his boss had died, leaving Zeb to look after his widow and daughter, Tricia Ann Ryan.

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