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Traci Elizabeth Lords born Nora Louise Kuzma ; May 7, is an American actress, former pornographic actress, singer, and model. Lords got into the adult film industry by using a fake birth certificate to conceal the fact that she was two years under the legal age of When the FBI acted on an anonymous tip that Lords was a minor during her time in the industry, and that pornographers were distributing and selling these de facto illegal images and videotapes, the resulting fallout led to prosecution of those responsible for creating and distributing. After her departure from the industry only two days after turning the legal age of 18, Lords enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute , where she studied method acting with the intention of becoming a mainstream actress. She made her mainstream screen debut at age 19 in a leading role in the remake of the Roger Corman science fiction film Not of This Earth. Lords followed with the role of Wanda Woodward in John Waters 's teen comedy, Cry-Baby

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Sometimes, you have to work to get yourself in the mood for some action. Other times, you can't wait to hop into bed or the shower with yourself. These are just a few instances that can incite the latter. You're pretty sure you saw Channing Tatum reading Jane Austin at the bus stop. Or at least his doppelganger.

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Think of your cervix as the gatekeeper to your uterus. Lots of things-like tampons, fingers, penises, sex toys, and other germ-carrying items-can get to your cervix, but they aren't getting past it. Likewise, there are things-like mucous, menstrual blood, and the occasional baby-that need to get out of your uterus. Your cervix is the bouncer, deciding what and when things go in and come out of the most vital piece of your reproductive system. Yet, despite benefiting from its work, day in and day out, chances are you don't know much about it.

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