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I'm Jay, Raised in Florida but from Indian descent. I am a kind hearted man who loves to help others. I'm looking for a friend to become something more but friends is okay too. I'm not shy so ask Susan Humphrey. I like to paint pictures, draw, pottery, etc. I'm easy going good sense of humor just enjoy what life gives me.

Although the couple have been married sincetheir love has often been seen as a sham. This is because their marriage appears to be loveless and simply a ploy for Melania to live a life of luxury, and Trump to have something pretty on his arm.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that the picture of Trump spying on his wife's vote went viral in November ofwhile the couple was voting in New York City.

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While many presidential nominees wouldn't think twice about their spouses voting for them, Trump had second thoughts on the matter. This caused him to throw a curious eye to Melania's voting card, which was hilariously caught on camera.

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