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It's Just a Game. It was a typical warm May afternoon in Springfield. Jamie was humming to herself while she washed the dirty dishes. She had taken a half day off work to take one of her sons, Brandon, to a doctor's appointment. It was just a regular ck-up, and she was now watching him and her other son, Paul and her neighbor's son, Danny. Rinsing the last plate, Jamie put it into the dish drainer, wiped her hands on a dishtowel, and went into the dining room to sort the day's mail. After opening and setting aside a few bills and throwing away some junk mail, she saw that one of her monthly magazines had come in.

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Brandon had done a good job, but perhaps in his haste, he hadn't tied her as thoroughly as he could. There was a little bit of wiggle room in her wrist ropes, and he had not physically tied her into the chair.

Jamie worked out regularly and stayed pretty fit. If she could just twist her left wrist a little The rope gave a little more, and Jamie could pull one of her hands free if she wished. Relaxing her wrists, she slipped her left hand out of her bonds. Quickly pulling her hands in front of her, Jamie carefully stood up from the chair.

Reaching up to her mouth, she pulled the scarf out from between her teeth and pushed the damp handkerchief out of her mouth with her tongue.

She began hopping into the kitn away from the boys and to the telephone.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world It's Just a Game It was a typical warm May afternoon in Springfield. Jamie was humming to herself while she washed the dirty dishes. She had taken a half day off work to take one of her sons, Brandon, to a doctor's appointment. It was just a regular ck-up, and she was now watching him and her other son, Paul and her neighbor's son, Danny The three walked over and managed to move towards the front, where they saw, what was causing the laughter. There was boy the stage, in a pair of stocks. The1 year-old, boy was being tickled by to girls on his feet, with feathers, brushes and electric tooth0brushes. The screaming and yelling, sent shivers down Danny's spine, he was insanely ticklish, and his feet were the worst. Then his worst nightmare

Still playing her role, Jamie began to call for help. All three boys came running into the dining room and tackled her to the floor, and one of them put a hand over her mouth.

Brandon stood up and went over to where Jamie had dropped the handkerchief on the floor. He was back with it in a flash, and he shoved it back into her mouth.

Danny read down and pulled the scarf back in between her teeth. Meanwhile, Paul had grabbed the rope and was retying her wrists. This time, he pulled the rope as taut as he could before knotting it off. There was no give in it this time. Working together, the three boys managed to half drag, half carry Jamie into the middle of the living room. If we did that, she won't be able to hop away," Paul suggested. More rope was quickly found, and soon, Jamie was in a tight hog tie in the middle of her living room floor.

Jamie yelled a protest into her gag, but Brandon pointed his gun at her and said, "It'll be all right, lady. Just cooperate with us, and we won't hurt you.

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Another faded scarf was tied over her eyes, and Jamie was plunged into relative darkness. The scarf was thin enough to where she could see a little light through it, but she could not see anything else. Let's finish getting the stuff," Brandon said. All three boys made noises like they were leaving the room, but after a few minutes of silence, Jamie could hear whispers coming from across the room. She can get out any time.

Maybe we can show your mom how it's really done. She might not like it. More whispers followed, but Jamie stopped paying attention. Her thoughts began to race.

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What if she thinks I'm weird or something for playing these kind of games with my kids? What if she thinks I get some kind of enjoyment out of this? Some indeterminate amount of time later, Jamie heard the honk of a car horn outside.

That must be Beth, she thought. The boys all ran outside, and a few minutes later, Beth walked into the living room, followed by the kids. A long silence ensued, followed by laughter.

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Jamie pushed out the handkerchief, which was completely saturated with her saliva, out of her mouth with her tongue. I agreed, and I was a bit afraid to let him tie me up too well though, but there's nothing wrong with what you're doing.

At least the kids are staying out of trouble and not breaking up the house, right? Jamie felt a knot unravel in the pit of her stomach. She wasn't doing anything immoral or illegal, but she was hoping her next-door neighbor would understand. Fortunately, Beth not only understood but had played a bit herself.

Jamie walked into the kitn and poured herself a glass of cold soda. Her mouth had gotten very dry. Beth came into the kitn and leaned against the counter.

Jamie got another clean glass out of the dish drainer and poured Beth a glass of soda. It really doesn't bother me.

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Beth read up with her foot to scratch her leg. Looking down, Jamie saw that she was wearing tan nylons. She was also dressed in business slacks and a nice shirt. Her hair was cut short, and a hint of red lipstick adorned her full mouth. Draining the last of her drink, Jamie put her glass in the sink and shrugged at Beth.

Walking back into the living room, the two women encountered the boys standing in the middle of the living room.

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Ropes, scarves, and handkerchiefs were piled up on the couch. We want to see who the best at tying up is, and we also wanna see who can struggle the best. The other kids won't see you guys being tied. You'll have ten minutes to see if you can get out. The boys had obviously not thought about that.

A candy bar! Brandon and Danny went first. Brandon got rock, and Danny got paper. Next, he and Paul went. Paul got paper, and Danny got scissors.

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The two brothers trotted into the dining room, and Danny motioned for the two women to sit on the floor. Picking up a length of rope, Danny started out by tying his mom's hands behind her back, looping the rope around her wrists and tying a square knot at the end. Then, he did the same thing to Jamie. Next, he took more rope and tied their ankles together, pulling the rope snug and using the same square knot.

Taking a third length of rope, he tied their knees together, cinching it tightly before tying it off. Picking up two small washcloths, Danny walked in front of Jamie and wadded one of them in his hand. Jamie complied, and Danny stuffed the washcloth into her mouth before wrapping a scarf over her lips and tying it off.

After doing the same to his mom, he yelled, "Ok, done. Brandon and Paul came back into the room, one of them carrying the kitn timer. After setting it for ten minutes, Brandon hit the start button and said, "GO! The two women began to struggle. Beth wiggled her wrists, but the rope was snugged too tight. However, Danny had not tied her wrists palm to palm. By fluttering her fingers, she could just touch the knot of her wrist bonds. She grunted and made muffled sounds into her gag as she tried to get at the knot.

Spanish Tickling. The "Spanish Ticking" was widespread in the Middle Ages, used to punish thieves and unfaithful wives. The Spanish Inquisition also admonished atheists this way. The "Cat's Paw" - a device that looked simple enough, but was very efficiently designed. Consisted of a plate with four curved, claw-like spines placed on a metal stick Forced tickle can cause real physical and mental distress. The tickled person completely loses control over their body and their system enters a state of tension, fatigue, and anxiety. So, even if it doesn't look as dangerous as being physically mistreated with puns or some special machine designed to maximize pain, it can in some cases result in a brutal death regardless About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

Meanwhile, Jamie had drawn her legs up as far as they would go, while simultaneously scooting forward. Because Danny had not tied her elbows together, she figured she could get her bound arms back in front of her by scooting herself through them.

Stretching herself as much as she could, she managed to get it after a few minutes. Noticing this, Beth let out a muffled laugh through her gag and began trying that herself.

Unfortunately, being a bit heavier than and not as flexible as Jamie, she wasn't able to manage this.

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She finally flopped on to her back and let out a groan of resignation. Staring at the timer, Jamie began patiently to pick at the knot holding her ankles tied.

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Two minutes were left when the knot came free. With a muffled sound of satisfaction, she next began to work on her wrist rope. She had just gotten it free and was working on her knee rope when time ran out. Paul untied the two women and removed their sodden gags. After re-sorting all the materials, he began by tying their wrists.

This time he tied them palm to palm, and the knot was placed well out of reach of any fingers. Next, he took rope and tied their elbows together. Beth, having never experienced that before, gave a little squeak as her elbows were drawn closer together and tied off. How did you get so good at this anyway? FAQ Privacy Info Contact Us About Us Find Us on Facebook. Copyright Pollbob Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mister Poll and the Mister Poll logo are trademarks of Pollbob Inc.

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Stopped and let her rest, then tickled her lightly with gentle caresses for awhile before tickling her hard again. Stopped and let her go. Please describe in detail your most enjoyable tickle session with a tied up young girl. Please include her age and a description of the girl and how you tied her up


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Tickling Little Girls. Results Messages. This is a follow-on poll to my other poll. This has many of the same questions as the other one, but there's some new questions asking for more details.

Also, this is about tickling a girl's upper body and legs, no feet in this one. No no need to go further.

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Where is your favorite place to tickle little girls? Under her arms. No, only the one girl. For those who said that they've tied up and tickled more than one girl, did you tie them up and tickle them individually with only the one girl there, or did you tie up two or more girls at the same time and tickle them together back and forth?

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I only tied up just the one girl at a time and tied up the other girl s later and tickled them individually. I tied up the two girls and tickled them back and forth and sometimes both at the same time. I tied up four or more girls at a slumber party and spent the night going from one girl to the other tickling them all to my heart's content!

Blonde with blue eyes. Blonde with brown eyes. Brunette with blue eyes. Have you tied up and tickled this girl before? If yes, how many times? Yes, I've been doing it for years. Yes, at least five to ten times before. Yes at least once or twice. No, but I'd like to do it again. Shirt and pants.

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Moved up her shirt to tickle her ribs and sides. Unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her whole upper body. Moved her dress above her head. Removed her bathing suit top.

How did you get her to let you tie her up and tickle her? Asked her to let me tie her up and tickle her. Played at kidnapping her. Spread eagle on a bed face up and stretd tight.

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