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Have you ever wondered if, beyond traditional braces, there's a solution for straightening teeth? You're not alone. With 4. Braces technology has come a long way, and there are now many types you can choose. Lingual braces, one of the more recent forms of orthodontic work, is proving popular for people conscious about the look of braces.

It is hard to resist playing or fiddling with the stud or bar, which causes it to rub against the teeth. This can chip teeth, fillings, or crowns.

Lingual braces serve the same purpose of traditional braces but are placed behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate) rather than in front. So, they offer a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened without the braces showing. How Do Lingual Braces Work? The process for lingual braces is simple Mar 14, - Explore Nash Prisbrey's board "Cute girls with braces" on Pinterest. See more ideas about cute girls with braces, braces, braces girls pins To help protect the beauty and health of these patients' smiles, Dr. Ragan can custom-fit them with durable sports mouth guards. Contact us for Braces for Teens in Park Cities, East, and North Dallas. If your child's teeth are crooked or misaligned, orthodontics for teens at Dr. Ragan' Park Cities, East, and North Dallas offices is the ideal solution

It can also cause teeth to move: much like braces in reverse, continuous contact with the metal piercing will eventually start to push teeth, causing gaps to appear or teeth to push out of alignment. Piercing contact with the gums can also cause your gums to recede, resulting in increased sensitivity as well as potential decay and other problems.

The piercing itself may cause damage by cutting through blood vessels in your tongue or gums, depending on the pierced area.

This can cause a great deal of bleeding. If you do decide on a piercing, be sure to go to an accredited piercing parlor with proper medical standards and equipment. Like caring for braces, piercings require dedicated oral hygiene practices - and braces are temporary, but a piercing requires care for as long as you have it. After you get a piercing, be vigilant about keeping it clean.

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Even after the piercing heals, you must be extra careful to keep your teeth, mouth, tongue, and piercing clean. Brush and floss regularly to prevent bacteria from taking root anywhere in your mouth, including your piercing area.

You want your healthy, happy smile to last forever - care for it properly with regular daily brushing and flossing, and skip the oral piercings to prevent teeth and gum damage!

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Ceramic bracesdue to their tooth-colored appearance, are much less obvious than metal braces even though they have just the same size and shape. When it comes to correcting alignment, ceramic braces tend to work faster.

Lingual braces consist of metal brackets and wires, just like your traditional braces. The only difference between is that lingual braces, as the name suggests, are cemented at the back of the teeth - that is, on the surface that faces the tongue. Although this type holds the advantage of being totally invisible, the main downside is that oral hygiene becomes more complicated.

ck out Phebe Lou's channel: ag4food.com The simple answer to this question is yes: there is no greater harm from tongue piercings with braces than without braces. Your braces are not at risk of damage by the tongue piercing. However, there are general concerns from a tongue piercing that you should know about. These concerns are true whether you have braces or not Beautiful Teen Girl With Smile Wearing Braces. Teen girl with braces and big smile. Shot with the Canon 20D. Portrait of beautiful young pre-teen girl with umbrella under spring or summer rain. Smilling girl with dental braces and glasses smile orthodontic teenage

Not only that, lingual braces also require more monthly adjustments. Invisalign, otherwise referred to as clear aligners, is the type of braces recommended for mild cases of teeth misalignment.

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