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Thanks for the answer. I like that you're not really judging me. I understand everything that you say but just lost my mind when I got angry. I do have a lot of trouble when getting emotional and went to a psychiatrist for that a long time ago. I just gave advice, but you really need to not be so impulsive when you're angry.

In my pants! We got up and left! About a month later, we were in the same situation. We slipped away to her bedroom. This time we got completly nude.

Before we indulged in our fun, we compared our adulthood. She prided in her growing breasts and hair growing on her pubic area, I proudly showed her my hairy pubic area and my erection! We curiously cked each other's adult attributes out, then I got on top of her and started humping her.

I didn't penetrate her. We simulated missionary sex. She enjoyed it because she closed her eyes, pursed her lips and moaned. I enjoyed it because I liked humping on her and I came! I quickly rose, got a towel and cleaned her! We dressed and parted. After, we continued our encounters but moved to a safer site. We had our own secret spot in the forest with hut and sleeping bag.

When we desired an encounter with each I would go to her, and if no one was around, I would massage her titties. We would agree to meet at our "house'. When there we would disrobe and indulge in our secret enjoyment. We never had REAL sex until the time when I was humping and I slid up in her!!! She didn't bleed, probably lost virginity playing with her favorite bottle! We stared at each and I resumed humping, THIS TIME I WAS IN HER!

We did this for a few years, then I went away moved out. Now we're older adults, years away. She and I went to the store after a family Thanksgiving dinner for our adult tobacco habits. We decided to take a scenic back road.

Tricked sister sex

We stopped at a pretty creek and got out. She was sitting on the fender when I approad. I walked up and hugged her and asked if she remembered our favorite game we played in the forest when young. She remembered. I started dry humping. We got out the sleeping bag in trunk, disrobed and had the best sex in years! After such a long time, we just got back into our sexual rendezvous!

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Lately, I WILL call her and ask if she saw a certain movie. This is the signal. We meet, get a room and join. MY SISTER IS THE BEST SEX PARTNER I'VE EVER HAD! Thot I'd contribute to the topic. This is my experience. CarpeNoctem Xper 1.

A couple. We had always been close and got to talking about life and other crap and she told me the real truth about what happened to her when she was 9 and not the sugar-coated version adults liked to tell their kids. When she was 9 at home in TX she missed the school bus so decided to walk the 2 miles home, instead of waiting for the after school 4pm bus. She was picked up byyear olds who kept her for 9 days - sexual torture including all holes penetrated, DPs, TPs, burning, etcetera all live streamed onto the dark web.

Police were eventually able to track them down, arrest them and she went to the hospital. But something strange happened: instead of finding sex and anything relating to sex appalling, she found herself very turned on once she hit puberty and turned Fast forward to us walking all alone on a deserted road.

I think you can guess what happened next. She pulled me off the road and into the trees, had my shorts down and was sucking my cock like her favorite lollipop. I immediately read my hand around and started playing with her clit which drove her crazy. Within a few minutes she was completely naked and damn if she wasn't as beautiful naked as clothed. Nice toned body, sexy curve, c cups and bald as a baby.

I drove my head right into her pussy and start licking and sucking on her clit like it was a pacifier and my only source of juice. She had full orgasms before she couldn't take it anymore and sat down on my cock and started riding me like a real life cowgirl.

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I let that go on for a few minutes before I took control and laid her on her back and put her arms behind her with one of my mine and started teasing her neck as I was fucking her quite slowly with little penetration; much to her displeasure because she knew I was just being mean and teasing her. After she scratd my back, and actually drew blood, I gave her what she wanted and pounded the crap out of her for 10 minutes straight before dumping load and load after load of cum deep into her pussy, completely filling her womb.

Normally one might worry but I'm sterile, so there is never any worry about me getting anyone pregnant. We slowly got dressed and started walking back to the reunion. Upon our arrival several different people commented that we looked much better than we did earlier. Sarah leaned in close so only I could hear her and said "Mind blowing sex and cumming 22 times can have that effect on a person. prostark Xper 1.

What can anyone say to help? You're a terrible wife and person. You don't trust your husband, you were perfectly willing to at before you ever spoke to him, and now you're not taking the blame for it, instead you're claiming that you were "tricked" into it, like that makes it better. He forgave you, so you can't improve it anymore, as for your self esteem you deserve it. You don't deserve to feel better My younger sister and I have been engaging in sexual encounters since we were young children. It started innocently and progressed into real sex when we were young. I was about 12 and she was 8. One night we all had a babysitter over when our parents were out. We were playing a kind of modified hide and seek. When the lights went out we hid and when on we could be caught for points. Lights went out! I ran for a place to hide, but ran into my sister When I was 12 and my sister was 14, one night, my sister came to my bed and stated playing my dick. I was hard and stiff so I tried to remove bottom half dress of my sister but she was already naked. My hand toud her pussy, which was very wet and dripping. My sister kissed me and me started kissing passionately. Then my sister told me to come up and penetrate. So I went up and entered my dick and it went through complete in her wet pussy. That night we had sessions. My sister

I have a lot of stories here. There was one legendary summer I will never forget, and that was when my sister hit puberty. I don't even remember how it started but for months we discovered how each others bodies worked, through kissing, fondling, fingering.

It was magical. All until our mom walked in on me grinding up on her and rubbing her clit. Getting caught was really embarrassing but it was worth it lol. Me and my brother used to jerk off at the same time too. Well, not exactly, we shared a room and when masturbated it was really loud. I got horny hearing him so I would jerk off as well.

It was weirdly hot hearing my brother moan as we came at the same time. My step-mom would also do this weird thing in public where she would grab my cock through my pants and stroke it once while saying "Oiii que grande" oh, how big. As I finish writing this, I realize how fucked up my childhood was lmao.

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My sister was 16 and I was 8 and she would, I guess you can say "force" me. She wouldn't call it sex, she would call it, "playing spaceship". Where she got the name? I have no clue. I do remember sucking on her nipples and I do remember penetrating her, outside of that, I don't remember much of anything else.

This went on until she got cought running out of my room naked.

A group assaulted an apparently unconscious woman in the middle of the day during spring break last month, but no one intervened. It was caught on cell phone video. Anna Werner reports on the new I stayed quite and scared my brother and sister that were in the same room were gonna wake up and see what was going on. so I sat on the bed next to him and didn't sit on his lap then he grabbed my hand and started to suck on my fingers I was terrified I didn't know why he was doing then grabbed my other hand and placed it over his thing and moved my hand so I was stroking it in a way I quickly Sharon Stone says she was tricked into infamous Basic Instinct scene after director Paul Verhoven told her 'we can't see anything', and pressured into sleeping with co-stars in new memoir

I don't think I enjoyed it, for I did not know what I was doing. I did with my sister and it felt normal because it was just physical curiosity. Sometimes I would ask to do it, sometimes it was her. I was 15, she was We would watch tv together while my parents were out and it would turn into touching and then the clothes came off. We enjoyed each others' bodies and discovering what the other liked.

It was fun at the time and I still look back on it that way. It lasted maybe a year until she was feeling guilty and then I did too. We haven't talked about it since and we are good friends.

It can work if it's consensual. Marshall 90 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 5. Spit roasted what is that. I never heard of it I had a girlfriend when I was 16 who told me she did everything but penetration with her first male cousin a few times and my current girlfriend told me before we ever had sex that she had a lesbian experience with her second girl cousin when she was 12 and made out and fingered a few of her very close friends those in this case I would not include it in your scenario as such I guess.

I never had a male tll me such experiences. MikeK Xper 2. Yes, I've had an experience like that once - When me and my cousin were like 7 or 8 and we would rub our penises together youthful experimentation that was kind of fun, but I would not do it again now with my cousin at least.

Downvoted for brutal honesty Jbeeze Xper 1. Honestly, when my 1st cousin Aunt's Daughter and I were little like I was or 4 and she was 4 or 5, and it was like just kids looking at each other's privates, but we never ever mentioned it again, my other cousin on my mom's side is hot AF and posts lewwdish pictures on Instagram with her tits showing and it turns me on, I think a lot of people secretly think some of their cousins are hot.

My girlfriend actually likes dogs mounting her if she can get them to do it. WoIIie Guru.

I Had Sex With My Sister (The Jerry Springer Show)

My family consists of men who hardly ever speak to each other, let alone share details that are more intimate than "pass the salt, please".

Are you from the Midwest like me too? Naw but my dad's side is totally white and proper. Bruce 1K opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 7. I misread your question and only had a 'shared experience with a FAMILY MEMBER once with a cousin Sorry for the misread. Me and a brother and a cousin. Me and brother lots of sucking and fucking. We hooked up every chance we could so I guess we were just two really horny boys.

Always wanting to cum and make each other cum. Me and my cousin made out a lot. A good bit of oral sex only fucked her three times. He ducked her and her sisters a lot. HandsomeRaj 1. I have but if we are talking spit roasted then it was with a friend and her aunt :D. we made out and 69ed. we were pretty drunk, lol, but def not something id do again.

No, never have, never would. link Looked up "spit roasted", I'm sure you enjoyed it,lol.

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badapple4u Xper. I am married but have a pretty small penis 4 ins. My wife was evidently cking out my brother's penis through some basketball shorts one day. She's never kept it a secret that she thinks i'm pretty small, and I ended up kind of liking it.

But she asked about my brother, and I told her that he's about 9 ins, and she's been fucking him ever since, often we fucker her at the same time. Yes, with a GF, and my best friend, when I was We did more than a split roast but it did mess up our friendship, as he wanted to screw her more afterward SovietMafioso59 Xper 2. I went to a strip club with my uncle and 2 of my friends, does that count?

Gross, no. I mean, one of my cousins is extremely hot, and to be honest I would probably plow her if I got the chance. erock1 Xper 5. My sister would love to wake me up in the morning by straddling me in bed and grinding on me "accidentally" she would also sit on my lap once in awhile apparently to see how quickly she could get me hard.

Nothing more than that. michael opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. only watching each other masturbate and oral, but yes. No that just seems really strange. My sister has seen me totally naked before but that was an accident before we were even to puberty.

I can't imagine anything sexual with any of my family. My family would have an orgy every Sunday after church. Now that is a great family structure and very balanced dynamics. Honestly i find my self fantasizing about sex with my sisters or my mom but im 14 almost 15 and i wouldn't mind it happening.

cinderelli Guru. no i haven;t. and i don't plan to either. Oral and penetration with my sister when we were both young and curious.

Mrspice Xper 1. I used to finger my little sister often and penetrated her little pussy when she was 10 and I was oral and sex at a really young age herguy Xper 5.

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Kayla69 Xper 4. Related myTakes. Show All. One of his friends came over one day he tried to seduce me before and said he had bad news and couldn't keep it a secret. He told me my husband ated on me and that I can't let it happen, that I should take revenge.

I was so angry and confused and didn't notice him getting closer to me. Then I did the stupidest thing ever: I made a sex tape with him and send it to my husband to get back at him. My husband came home furious and even crying and we started talking. Apparently he never ated on me and his "friend" just tricked me into sex.

We can't contact him on the phone or at his house. My husband is a wonderful man and decided to forgive me. But now there is a huge scar on or marriage and on our sex lives. My self-esteem is reduced to nothing. what can we do? Share Facebook.

I got tricked into ating and regret it very much! Add Opinion. SensAsianalGirl Xper 5. This is classic two wrongs doesn't make a right and to find out that your husband wasn't even ating has to be like a second slap in the face. This could have very easily been prevented simply because if you could send your husband an explicit tape, then you could have called him to confront him about the allegation.

Lets go back to the your husband's friend for a moment. You know he's attracted to you and obviously he considers his friendship with him as expendable and unimportant. He's made passes at you in the past which you declined. He obviously doesn't really care about no one but himself because not only does he not value his friendship to your husband, but he doesn't value or respect your marriage to him.

Your husband goes away on business. While gone his friend tells you that he's ating, so you get upset and rightfully so, but did you ever stop to tell ask him for any sort off proof to back up his claim? Did you even stop to call him to ask his side of the story?

Even if there was a possibility that this was true, you should have told the friend to leave while it all sunk in. From that point you should have called your husband to find out if the story has any potential merit to it. If your husband has a history of being faithful and his friend has a history of hitting on you, then you should at the very least given the benefit of the doubt to your husband based on their histories alone.

Yeah don't tell your mom your sister had the trust in u to tell u Also her mom wouldn't be able to do anything about it at this point either just comfort ur sister and be there for her I didn't have anyone there for me when things like this happened to me so just be glad she had the trust to tell you. 0 | 0. 0 | 0. Is this still revelant? yuppthatsme +1 y. But also be sure to let her know

Instead, without confirmation, you make a conscious decision to set up a video recorder, then sleep with his friend, who really doesn't appear to be a friend at all and then send the video to your husband. None of these things should have ever happened. Its good that he forgave you and I seriously hope that the friendship between your husband and his friend has ended, but the scars that your marriage has were by your hands by acting impulsively on emotions and not rationally.

From this point, the only thing that can heal your marriage is time. There is no way to magically erase the pain he's feeling, the betrayal, and the broken trust that comes with infidelity. You will just have to weather the storm until he has healed and you're going to have to build up trust with him again, which will most likely take longer than it did initially. Your self esteem will also take time to heal.

While medicine can mask physical pain, there's no pill that can mask the emotional pain you both are suffering. All you can do is talk to and be supportive of one another and weather the storm until such a time comes when you all are healed and can put it past you.

IndecentExposure Xper 5. You were dumb enough to decide revenge was the best way to solve this issue, and you don't trust your husband more than his mate? Sorry but all I can think is its a shame a guy nice enough for forgive ating is wasted on a ater instead of a decent woman. is that really nice, or lack of a backbone.

this isn't helpful for anyone. Two wrongs never make a right. I don't get why you didn't at least confront him first.

Isn't that what a relationship is meant to be about after all.

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I have recently learned a new word misogynist, I hope your husband doesn't become one and you don't become a misandrist. I guess, I am not one that could forgive something like this and I think so are you, if you would have then you would never had sex with the other dou in the first place.

What you can do for now is accept any decision what your husband is going to make for your marriage. Just don't try to weasel your way out of it and play the victim.

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You weren't "tricked". You're dumb and stupid, but don't try to fob the responsibility of your own actions onto someone else. Get therapy for your marriage, and learn to accept that you are god damned moron, and your husband will make all of your important life decisions from now on, because you don't have the common sense of a sea sponge. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. You didn't trust your husband and took someone's word without actually seeing him at?

He should leave you.

Watch Husband and Not Son Trick Wife into Sex Pt 2 video on xHamster - the ultimate collection of free Xnxx Free Sex & POV hardcore porn tube movies! US Straight yes it is possible that he could be convicted. Because he was 19 and your sister is 1, that is sex with a minor (that's statutory rape right?). If the police found out he could be fined and convicted easily, but it all depends on what country you live in, because I'm australian and as far as I know, I If I found out it was my sister, I'd be more surprised about the fact she was even there than anything else knowing her. I wouldn't be as grossed out as you might think because I'm pretty comfortable in my sexuality but I would pretend it didn't happen

He obviously can't trust you and you didn't trust him when he didn't even do anything wrong. Listening to other people and letting them influence your relationship like that is one of the worst things you can do. You've failed as a wife and no matter what you do, or what your husband says to you, he will NEVER feel the same way about you again. He may try to forgive you, but he will never again have complete confidence in your relationship.

What you did isn't fixable. He tried to seduce you before? Did you tell your husband? This guy obviously isn't his friend and you should have known that. Yet, you still made a horrible decision. I would have left you. You're just going to be "tricked" into sex by someone else if you're that gullible. Your husband deserves better. Your husband needs to develop better quality friendships.

Revenge sex. right you are, the stupidest thing ever. You have a ton of work to do to rebuild your husband's trust. He may not let you out of his sight for the rest of your sexually active life. You are extremely blessed to have such a forgiving man.

I don't expect that he'll be as forgiving toward this so-called friend. I would not want to be that guy.

final, sorry

I'll go ahead and say what no one has said yet. The fact that you decided to make a sex tape with your husband's friend means you were already sexual-behavior attracted to his friend, especially if you never told your husband about his friends sexual-behavior advances.

I mean, for his friend to even have personal access to you while your husband is away is enough proof that his friend's previous advances had already worked in seducing you.

And so part of you almost wanted justification to sleep with him.

speaking, advise

So when he claimed your husband was ating you didn't need any proof but his word as your excuse. And now you want to blame the friend for tricking you into sex?

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