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That peace of mind can make it way easier to enjoy yourself in the moment, giving more of your attention to your pleasure and satisfaction. Asking for rougher sex really does just boil down to having an actual Grown Ups Using Potentially Formal-Sounding Words discussion with your partner. Using stoplight codes can also be handy during rougher sex, says Smith. Have your partner begin with some pressure and rate the feeling on a scale of 1 to 5 so you can let them know how much harder or softer to get, says Smith. Rough sex is always made better with extra lube, adds Smith. Which brings me to Ask them to tie your wrists above your head and do you missionary style or he can just hold your hands up there with their hands.

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Miss New Backside In this position, your hands are on the floor and your bottom half is resting on your partner. In this position, your partner can get frisky with all the thrusting.

The Dirty Talk and Rough Sex Guide for Beginners

They can even throw some slapping and grabbing of your backside into the mix. Go ahead and move up and down, doing whatever you want within reason.

You can slap your partner or scratch them for example. Cuddles Galore Your partner should be sitting at the edge of the bed and you can crawl onto them.

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex You probably recognize this one as doggy style, known for being a hot position for both of you. And with some tweaks, you can up the rough factor by hair pulling Rough sex is really about being in the right state of mind. If you're a nice person outside of the bedroom, it may feel hard to tap into that raw, animalistic energy that rough sex requires. One way to work around this is to roleplay. If you feel like you're just playing a character, it may be easier to let loose "When you're engaging in rough sex, you'll have a heightened rush of adrenaline, which can influence how far you're willing to go," says Saynt. Establishing boundaries ahead of time minimizes the

Female O Just as it sounds, this one is for women to experiencing ecstasy. Stick a pillow under your backside to raise yourself up in order for your partner to have better access. From here, your partner can go wild with their mouth on your lady parts.

Rough sex is always made better with extra lube, adds Smith. If you don't know where to start on the lube front: This is a good beginner's primer on exactly what kind of lube you can and can't use

The special part about this one, though, is the role play. You can do tear-student role play or whatever suits your mood.

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Follow her on Insta! Fear not, chances are they have fantasised about something similar at one point or another," she says. You have to be sure they're just as enthusiastic and up for the same things, whether that's spanking, biting or hair-pulling.

There's no denying that rough sex is a bit risky, no matter how careful you are. Pasante Extra condoms have a little extra thickness and lubrication. Once you have the chance, unleash all the pent up sexual energy on each other and let clothes and inhibitions fall aside.

What can you do to make it 'rough'? Your ultimate goal is to collapse in an exhausted pile of human rubble," Lili says. Combine spanking with some rough, hard, fast penetration, she suggests.

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Push, order and manhandle each other around the bed, 'force' each other to perform oral sex," she says. After you've had a couple of sessions of messy and satisfying rough sex as long as you both thoroughly enjoyed it there are ways to level up.

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Lili tells me you can "get some wrist ties to bind your partner or have them bind you. That way, they'll be completely vulnerable to your whims and fancies.

Other props to try are mouth gagswhich take away one of the most fundamental methods of releasing pressure during sex - sound. Here's what they had to say:. To kick it up a notch, you can also tie his hands together or pin down his arms down with your knees to really take control. Another option: Have him wear a penis ring for maximum mutual stimulation.

Rough sex is best with someone you're in a relationship with or at least know well. "Aside from the safety perspective, you should feel comfortable enough to test out your true desires and You can go crazy yourself by moving very quickly (in a controlled way), going up and down while using your hands and a little saliva. You can also have your guy guide you by pulling your hair and pushing your head down. Hey, we said it was going to be rough! 2 With rough sex, lubrication is a MUST There's no denying that rough sex is a bit risky, no matter how careful you are. "You can minimise the chance of vaginal bruising and penile fractures by

Try this vibrating ring from the Women's Health Boutique. How to do it: Straddle him with your knees bent. Push off of his st to slide up and down. Giddy up, reverse cowgirl.

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This one combines the hotness of doggy with the sexy dominance of you on top. How to do it: He lies on his back while you straddle him, facing away from him.

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