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They're sugar, spice, everything nice, and all points in between. Girls are one of this world's most precious resources and should be nurtured, loved, and cared for. But when they're not, you get a lot more of that in between and less and less of the sugar and spice. You also get lists like this one. No matter how young actresses are, writers like to tell their stories, and every so often they involve young ladies either being too provocative for their age, too foul mouthed, too creepy, and most importantly too young for the situations that were written for them. But while plenty of films feature sweet little girls being precocious and saccharine, there are several performances that exist on the fringes.

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While most critics panned the film for its pervasive graphic content, Gummo was lauded by a few filmmakers, including famed director Werner Herzog-who particularly praised a bathtub scene pictured abovewhich included an unexpected piece of bacon taped to the wall.

As a girl, actress Brooke Shields appeared in two different movies which placed her front-and-center in controversies about children and on-screen sexuality.

At age 12, she starred in Pretty Babyportraying Violet, a year-old girl living with her mother in a New Orleans brothel at the turn of the 20th century. Eventually, Violet is plied into the prostitution trade as well, and her virginity is even auctioned off to the highest bidder. After Pretty Baby 's release inthe film-and Shields' nudity in it-was criticized by many, and the movie was even banned in two Canadian provinces.

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Just two years later, Shields appeared in another heavily sexualized movie, The Blue Lagoon. At age 14, Shields portrayed a shipwrecked girl growing up on an island with only her cousin Christopher Atkins for company.

As they reach puberty, they eventually fall in love and even have a child.

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The Blue Lagoon has several nude scenes involving Shields which raised eyebrows, but the cast and crew claimed most of those scenes involved body doubles. Long before his famous roles in American PsychoThe Machinistor The Dark Knight trilogy, accomplished Method actor Christian Bale won critical acclaim at age 1, when he starred as Jim in the Steven Spielberg war film Empire of the Sun. The movie is essentially a coming-of-age drama set during Japan's occupation of China during World War II.

The subject material is difficult and brutally realistic, as we watch Jim go from a comfortable life with his family in Shanghai to a shattered existence, forced to grow up behind the barbed wire of a Japanese internment camp.

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Spielberg doesn't pull any puns with Empire of the Sunand neither does Bale. Despite being just a child himself, Bale manages to deliver an emotional and commanding performance as a boy faced with the horrors of war.

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While Tatum O'Neal's role as Addie in the comedy-drama Paper Moon is a lot more tame than some of the other entries on this list, it definitely had its moments. In the film, the 9-year-old O'Neal teams up with Mose, a con artist played by her real-life father, Ryan O'Neal. Throughout the pair's cross-country journey, we watch the absolutely tiny Tatum smoke, drink, and con people out of their money like an old pro.

When Mose starts to neglect her in favor of an "exotic dancer" named Trixie Madeline Kahna jealous Addie even devises her own con to get Trixie dumped.

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O'Neal earned widespread acclaim for her work in Paper Moonand even won an Academy Award for the part-making her the youngest competitive Oscar winner in history. The film was widely praised, and even spawned a short-lived television series, where the role of Addie was taken by another actress on our list: Jodie Foster.

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At just 12 years old and fresh off of her stint on the failed TV adaptation of Paper MoonJodie Foster stirred up quite a controversy when she appeared as the child prostitute Iris in Martin Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver. While not the central figure of the film, Iris still plays an important part when her path crosses with the troubled Travis Bickle Robert De Niro.

Iris attempts to escape her pimp by taking refuge in Bickle's cab; later, he tries to convince her to return home to Pittsburgh, and even offers her money to do so.

Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors By Claire Williams / Aug. 8, am EDT / ated: Oct. 19, am EDT Being an actor isn't child's play-even for a child actor ck out the Hollywood and foreign ventures that were just too much to handle for many American audiences. "The Birth of a Nation" David W. Griffith Corp Brooke Shields's mother, Teri Shields, caught flak in the s for letting her daughter participate in some mature projects when she was still a young girl. Teri's most controversial move was signing off on a photo shoot with Gary Gross, which featured a year-old Shields completely nude and wearing heavy makeup. Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby was also the subject of intense debate

In the climactic finale of the movie, Bickle kills her pimp and several others in a bloody shootout in order to "free" Iris. Hiring a year-old in such a role definitely raised alarms, but Scorsese took precautions-Foster was subjected to psychological testing before filming began, and her older sister Connie was used as a stand-in for sexually suggestive scenes. For her part in the film, Foster received an Academy Award nomination.

Foster's Taxi Driver story wouldn't end there, however-she was later stalked by a fan who was obsessed with Foster and her role in the film. That stalker was none other than John Hinckley, Jr. Harmony Korine makes a second appearance on our list, this time as the writer of the coming-of-age film Kidsdirected by Larry Clark. The film centers on the lives of several teenagers-and their sex lives-during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Like Korine's GummoKids doesn't shy away from showing teenagers in some unbelievably disturbing situations. The teens-including one infected with HIV-are shown having uag4food.comotected sex, deflowering adolescent virgins, using drugs, and engaging in other risky behavior throughout the movie. In the final scene, a girl is raped after she passes out on a couch during a house party. The casting included several real New York street kids who had no prior acting experience, including star Leo Fitzpatrickwho was only 16 during filming, and the rest of the primary cast was rounded out by more teenagers: Chloe SevignyJustin Pierceand Harold Hunter were the oldest at 19, Jon Abrahams was 16, and Rosario Dawson was the youngest at only 15 years old.

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Naturally, the NCrated Kids made waves when it premiered-with some critics praising the film and others deriding it as " virtually child pornography.

At just six years ol Chloe Grace Moretz started her acting career on a disturbing note when she made her big-screen debut in the remake of The Amityville Horror. In the film, she plays lsea, who befriends the ghost of a girl haunting their new home.

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When are kids too young for "nude art" and when is it porn? An elementary school tear made children view nude "art" despite their objections and without parental approval. By Selwyn Duke WWE star Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, recently shared pictures from her photo shoot for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue. The professional wrestler stripped down and posed completely nude in the photos, with the exception of her personalized footwear August, ; Alice, 14, an only child, and physically well developed, is home for vacation. She's moody, silent, keeps a diary, and explores tactile sensations with broken eggs, candle wax, ear wax, vomit, urine, blood, and, perhaps, if the summer goes in one very possible direction, semen. Without her underpants, she walks about, rides her bike, and sits on the shore as the tide comes in

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CU Shot of young girl getting physical exam at doctor's office / Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States - stock video {{purchaseLicenseLabel}} {{restrictedAssetLabel}} {{buyOptionLabel(option)}} You have view only access under this Premium Access agreement. Contact your company to license this image ' too young ' is the definition. (I've seen this before) ' nude swimming craze ' is the wordplay. ' swimming ' is an anagram indicator. ' craze ' becomes ' rage ' ('rage' can be a synonym of 'craze'). ' nude ' is an anagram of ' unde '. ' unde '+' rage '=' UNDERAGE ' ' for ' is the link There is a dearth of terrifying and gruesome scenes in The Exorcist that Blair was most likely too young for, the famous spider walk scene, grabbing her mother's face and jamming it into her crotch, twisting her head around, and abusing herself with a crucifix. But since the character was "possessed" at the time, the filmmakers were able

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DETAILS Credit:. Marc Romanelli. Creative :. Release info:.

Mastered to:. QuickTime bit ProRes HQ HD x Embed an image or slideshow LEARN MORE. Standard code Legacy code. Show captions. But really, the Massachusetts Correctional Institution was probably worried about American audiences seeing how they abused their patients more than anything else.

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This film about the sexual awakening of a young girl was banned in Massachusetts for basically being a pornographic film. The movie was considered obscene and not decent because of several explicit sex scenes including one that depicts the young actress kissing a flaccid penis.

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However, the Supreme Court overturned the ban and changed the obscenity rules for film shortly after that. The comedy by "Hairspray" director and pencil-mustad man John Waters was banned in many a small town.

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Because of "perverse acts" depicting homosexual and heterosexual sex and many scenes of indecent exposure. This satire about Christian evangelism was banned several times because of exploiting its star Bette Midler 's success to gain attention. The film, which was originally called " The Divine Mr. J " to capitalize on Midler's fame as "The Divine Miss M," was contested by Middler's agent and subsequently blocked. When filmmakers tries to re-release the movie under the new title, it was banned yet again by the courts.

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This German film was first censored in Canada and Oklahoma for depicting a scene of oral sex between an underage boy and a legal woman. Over the next few years, the film was allowed to be seen in Oklahoma and a documentary banned in Oklahoma was made about the obscenity issues the film faced. The film also won the Palme d'Or Best Film award at the Cannes Film Festival as well as Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars.

In the Conan film, she did wear some outfits that could be considered a bit too revealing for such a young girl but it was her role in Bolero with Bo Derek that raised more than a few eyebrows. In Bolero, d'Abo played a year-old gypsy girl called Paloma and featured in several scenes where she appeared completely nude

One of the funniest British movies of all time, "Monty Python's Life of Brian" was banned in many small towns for mocking Christianity. To be fair, the film does poke fun at the Christian stories. But it's just too funny to resist. The "found-footage" movie is about an Italian film crew that travels into the rain forest and meets an indigenous tribe.

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The movie is still banned in several countries because of it's obvious cannibal scenes and sexual violence as well as animal cruelty. The movie was shown at many film festivals but as soon as Richard Carpenter saw the film, he objected to the insinuations it made about his sexual identity as well as the bad light it shed on his family.

This Martin Scorsese film imagines what would have happened had Jesus not sacrificed himself and died on the cross.

The townsfolk put together a petition to get the film banned and were successful

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