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After the news that a Floridian woman had an operation to add a third boob to her st, we decided to look at the world's weirdest breasts. Jasmine Tridevil, a Floridian massage therapist, has had an operation to give herself a third breast, in what is perhaps the most controversial boob job of Jasmine had to call doctors in order to get her controversial operation. We didn't know this was possible. Sarah Marie Summer, from Sydney, who is ' addicted to boob jobs ' went up 18 cup sizes and has had four boob jobs. Annie Hawkins-Turner won the Guinness World Record for the biggest natural breasts.

A article in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery describes an incident of supernumerary breast tissue on the face it was removed for cosmetic reasons. Ina doctor reported a woman with eight extra breasts - 10 in all.

Jasmine Tridevil, a Floridian massage therapist, has had an operation to give herself a third breast, in what is perhaps the most controversial boob job of We decided to look at the three The extra breast tissue can appear in many forms, everything from a third nipple (the most common condition, referred to as polythelia) to a fully-formed - and fully-functional breast - in The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie famously featured a three-breasted hooker, who returned for the remake and was played by actress Kaitlyn Leeb. The catwalk was illuminated with neon signs

There was no word on how many children she nursed. Interestingly, many women with polymastia are unaware of the condition until the tissue begins to respond to hormonal fluctuations brought on by menstruation, pregnancy or lactation, as the extra tissue gets bigger and more tender just like the normal breast.

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Accessory breasts have also been known to lactate. One of the most famous cases in history is that of Therese Ventre of Marseilles, France, who had an extra breast on the outside of her left thigh. According to the report, the extra breast enlarged during puberty and produced milk when she became pregnant; a woodcut from the era shows her nursing children both at her breast and her thigh.

Third breasts nude

As is often the case with odd body phenomenon, men and women with supernumerary breasts and nipples were tortured and killed during the European witch hunts. Even Anne Boleyn, the unpopular second wife of Henry VIII, was said to have either an extra breast or extra nipple along with an extra fingeralthough this may have just been bad press. These days, polymastia and the more common polythelia are hardly considered a mark of the devil, but a stigma does remain for some, especially men.

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The third breast is said to have been made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen. Jasmine says the third breast implant surgery was documented by a film crew and will prove her A WOMAN who fooled the world into believing she had three boobs now wants to go under the knife and get a third breast for real. Jasmine TriDevil, 25, claims she has found a surgeon willing to The third breast, it was been suggested, could be a prosthetic st piece, similar to that worn by Kaitlyn Leeb for the movie Total Recall. This initial suspicion turned out to be correct

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After Hessler's story broke last year many commentators claimed the third breast was a wearable prosthetic - especially as she reported a 'three breast prosthesis' stolen when her bags went missing

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These are Ds and this the middle breast is probably more like a small C. Jasmine says the fake boob feels the same as her other two - although the nipple had to be tattooed on. She says her intention is to become a celebrity with her own TV show - and if successful promised to show the world how her mother and father reacted to the shocking news.

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Jasmine said: "My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. It's ugly. People are laughing. It looks ridiculous.

It's obvious that you'll do anything for money. You have no morals and no boundaries at all. What's cool about making people vomit?

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but I told her what I did on camera so if my show gets aired on MTV, you'll see my mom's reaction. I also told my dad on camera.

The series which brings you the worst extreme medical conditions and operations. This video tells the story of a lady from the Philipines with a third breast Jasmine Tridevil may be the first woman in the world to have an artificial third breast - or she may have pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in Internet history. She appeared in news outlets throughout the world in and claims the surgery changed her life Designer Giuliano Calza did just that when he sent a few models down the catwalk with prosthetic third breast for his GCDS Spring show. The Italian label, which stands for God Can't Destroy

Jasmine regularly posts pictures and videos of her unusual appearance on her Facebook page and YouTube. The most bizarre footage is a video entitled 'How to get a job' in which she dishes out interview advice then tries - and fails - to open a beer bottle with one of her boobs. In one Facebook post she reveals: "No assisted living place wants to "partake in this project" when I tell them I have tits. Her appearance is reminiscent of the famous scene from the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Total Recall - but isn't the only bizarre pair of boobs knocking about.

Last week, a - ag4food.com model revealed how she spent a staggering ?0, on cosmetic surgery to look like a blow-up sex doll. Latvian Victoria Wild, 0, had an array of procedures including three boob jobs, which enlarged her breasts to a whopping 2Gpermanent lip implants and botox to transform herself to resemble an inflatable love toy.

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