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SAGINAW, MICH. It was three days after his 20th birthday, which should have been a happy time for him. But on that day, the dark clouds that prompted Terry Trafford to inexplicably and meticulously plan his own death were forming into a storm of despair. Trafford did not score in the game, but he did pick up four penalty minutes. Four days later, the Spirit played a road game in Peterborough, one for which Trafford was scratd as punishment for being a half hour late for a team workout on Feb. The Spirit took a bus to Owen Sound for a game two nights later and during the off night in Owen Sound, according to Cieszlak, Trafford was allegedly caught smoking marijuana in the presence of another player. Cieszlak claims the other player was also taking part, but team president Craig Goslin denied that claim, saying the player was only present when the incident happened.

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Now Rick says his family may never find justice. He was also convicted of a murder in Penticton, B. Arnold told police he killed a young runaway after she refused to have sex with him. That conviction was later stayed. There were some pretty accepted theories that he was, in fact, a serial killer," said Prober. But that's about all it is disappointing," he said. Vancouver RCMP are concerned that a man with a series of violent convictions on his file has been released from custody in Victoria.

Terry Arnol 9, who was convicted of sexual assault in Chilliwack in and is a suspect in the disappearance of a teenager from Cultus Lake, also inwas awaiting retrial in the death of Christine Browne, who was found raped and murdered near Keremeos in The pretrial meetings were sduled for this coming week and the trial was set for May, Sgt. Grant Learned, RCMP media relations said. On Thursday, shortly before courts closed for the Easter long weekend, Crown prosecutors entered a stay of proceedings and Arnold was released.

Police had only a little longer than an hour's notice to phone concerned family members about what had happened. With everyone away for the long weekend, there wasn't enough time, Learned said.

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It has been reported that Arnold, convicted of raping a young Chilliwack girl, is linked with investigations in Calgary and Winnipeg and the disappearance of a young woman from a Cultus Lake camping trip, as well as a spree of other incidents during the past 20 years, Learned said he would not comment unless Arnold was actually charged in those cases. He said everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence and rights of privacy.

However, Learned was able to shed a little more light on Arnold's whereabouts.

He said police may have some idea of where he is staying right now. According to a Vancouver Sun story published March 1,Arnold was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager when he was staying at the Riverside campground in It was also on Aug. The Surrey woman was celebrating the end of a summer work program at Sunnyside campground when she disappeared from a campfire.

Terry Arnold, enjoying his first taste of freedom in years, is not planning a return to Manitoba, his lawyer says. Arnold has established strong ties outside Manitoba, which makes any return to Manitoba likely on a holiday basis only," his defence lawyer, Kevin McCullough, said yesterday. He said he knows where his client is headed and, while he won't name a location, McCullough said it's not Manitoba.

Arnold, 9, is a suspect in the murder of year-old doughnut shop waitress Barbara Stoppel. In an interview with the Free Press inhe denied killing the teenager, whom he visited in the hospital before she died from her injuries. He had been in a B. jail sincewhen he confessed during a police sting operation to raping and beating to death a teenage girl six years earlier.

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He was convicted in and sentenced to life in prison, but an appeal court overturned it last year. On Thursday, the Crown decided not to retry Arnold for Christine Browne's murder and he was released from the Victoria Remand Centre, with no notification to police. He has yet to get the compensation. All Rights Reserved. guttormson freepress.

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The man police now believe killed Barbara Stoppel once tried to avoid criminal charges by offering to testify that Sophonow had confessed to murdering the girl. Sophonow's defence lawyer, Greg Brodsky, taking the stand for a second day at Sophonow's wrongful conviction inquiry yesterday, said Terry Arnold contacted a lawyer in Brodsky's firm looking for representation at his bail hearing.

According to Brodsky, Arnold - convicted of first-degree murder in but recently granted a new trial in the beating death of a B. teenager - immediately began looking for a way out of trouble. Brodsky said Arnold told the lawyer that months earlier, when he was charged with arson, he'd been housed with Sophonow at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

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Brodsky said Arnold came forward with the bogus confession in the hopes he could use it to negotiate his way out of his charges. Brodsky said he notified Winnipeg police of Arnold's claim and also asked them to ck him out as a possible suspect. Recently, Winnipeg police revealed they had contact with Arnold a number of times during the investigation into Stoppel's murder. On three occasions he was providing information about possible suspects.

Brodsky, intent on breaking through the tunnel vision which was hampering the investigation, said he provided a list of five suspects to the police. He even went so far as to cruise the red light district with his wife one evening to find a woman he believed might have information on one of the suspects.

One of the men Brodsky brought to the attention of police resembled the killer and was rumoured to have killed Stoppel's schoolmate. Today, Commissioner Peter Cory is expected to rule on whether in-camera evidence about how and why the Crown attorney introduced a sexual assault motive at Sophonow's third trial should be released to the public.

The inquiry - established to determine how much compensation Sophonow should receive for nearly four years he spent in jail - will resume with closing submissions from the lawyers in June. Sophonow was tried three times for Stoppel's murder before being acquitted by the Manitoba Court of Appeal in A convicted killer who is serving a life sentence in a B. prison now heads the list of suspects in a notorious Winnipeg slaying that saw another man wrongly jailed for four years.

Last week, Thomas Sophonow was cleared of any involvement in the murder of year-old shop clerk Barbara Stoppel and Winnipeg police announced they had a new suspect who presents no risk to the public at present. Sun sources have learned the new suspect is Terry Samuel Arnold, 7, a serial rapist, who is serving a life sentence in B.

for murdering a year-old girl in Penticton. Also, Calgary police have publicly stated he is a suspect in the murder of year-old Denise Lapierre.

Calgary police announced in Arnold was a suspect in the Lapierre murder after a cold-case squad reopened the investigation. Winnipeg homicide detectives have visited Calgary at least once to interview police and other witnesses in the search for for similarities in the deaths of Stoppel and Lapierre.

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Lapierre disappeared June 21, after leaving her high-school graduation party. The next day, police received an anonymous call about a naked body in a back lane less than a block from the Lapierre house, and a block from Arnold's home.

George Rocks of the Calgary homicide unit. In the Winnipeg case, Stoppel was found strangled in a Winnipeg doughnut-shop washroom Dec. As in the Calgary homicide, Arnold lived close to the Winnipeg murder scene, as his mother was a caretaker in an apartment block near the doughnut shop, and he lived near the victim's home.

But the Winnipeg police investigation led to the arrest and charging of Sophonow. OFFSITE From Gov't of Manitoba: The Inquiry Regarding Thomas Sophonow.

The effect of putting forward the allegation of sexual assault is apparent from the newspaper reports of the third trial. The Winnipeg Sun reported that Crown Counsel Whitley had described a violent sexual assault in the washroom. This report clearly indicates how extremely prejudicial the allegation was to the accused.

In his second appearance, Mr. Whitley referred to evidence of male DNA being found in Barbara Stoppel's mouth. However, this evidence only surfaced in the reinvestigation and would not have been known to Mr. Whitley at the time of the prosecution of the third trial.

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Nor is there any evidence to suggest whose DNA it might have been. It might have come from someone who was attempting to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Barbara Stoppel.

About 22 hours later, a long-distance operator called local cops and said a man contacted her and said a body was dumped in an alley behind 20 Ave. N.E. Lapierre's naked body was soon found at the site. The case went cold until a special task force was formed in and narrowed the list of possible suspects to just one Terry (SuicideGirls) 'Touch' Discussion in 'Model Forum' started by Flippy, May 27, According to Cieszlak, Terry Trafford was found in his truck with $ his father had given him and all his belongings. As the Spirit's chaplain said after the funeral, perhaps only Terry

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Too many Alerts? Why not adjust your "Alert Preferences" in your Profile Page? Four days later, the Spirit played a road game in Peterborough, one for which Trafford was scratd as punishment for being a half hour late for a team workout on Feb. The Spirit took a bus to Owen Sound for a game two nights later and during the off night in Owen Sound, according to Cieszlak, Trafford was allegedly caught smoking marijuana in the presence of another player.

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Cieszlak claims the other player was also taking part, but team president Craig Goslin denied that claim, saying the player was only present when the incident happened. Trafford was sat out of the Feb. Goslin stressed it was not a hockey decision, but one that came directly from him and Garber.

He tried to call Roy Trafford twice, then sent a text message asking Roy to call him. Trafford showed up at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw the morning of March to gather his belongings. Trafford spoke with Gilbert, who told him he should continue to stay in shape and would welcome the chance to work with him over the summer.

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Goslin, who was not at the rink that day, said Trafford had an exit physical and got help loading his truck from the equipment manager and trainer. How can a truck with a dead body sit in a place as public as a Walmart parking lot for nine days without being noticed? How does a person go missing for six days before authorities in Saginaw find out about it?

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Of the more than 4, Walmarts in the United States, only do not allow overnight parking. The truck was near two dumpsters in an area that would only be occupied if the store were very busy, since it was the furthest away from the store.

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