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His personal zoo has lions, etahs and a bear. His store has a million dollars worth of fine wines, liquors and heroin. His house has Cuban cigars, cases of champagne and downloaded pictures of prostitutes. The house clearly belonged to Uday. There were bottles of Cuervo tequila, Danska vodka and Delamain cognac, as well as Chimay, Corona and Miller Genuine Draft beers.

He often hits them up to 50 times, the report claimed.

Uday, head of Iraq's Olympic Committee, was known to have beaten football players and athletes when they lost. The defectors said he also inflicted beatings, imprisonment and torture on close friends and business associates - simply for being late to a meeting or irritating him.

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His punishments have become more brutal since an assassination attempt in which left him with walking difficulties and problems having sex. Uday also likes to deflower virginity, knowing that no one will touch them after he has slept with them, the defectors said.

The defectors have been debriefed by MI6 and Pentagon officials and are regarded as reliable sources on the workings of Saddam's regime, the magazine said.

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Intelligence officials believe Uday may have been in the bunker hit by a cruise missile in the "decapitation strike" on Baghdad in the first hours of the war. His younger brother, Qusay, is Saddam's heir after Uday fell out of favour when he murdered a close friend of his father in Saddam's son beats year-olds who say no to sex: defectors.

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Photographs of Saddam Hussein's feared sons laid out in plastic body bags were released by the US today in a bid to convince sceptical Iraqis that neither would follow their father into power. The Saddam Hussein's eldest son mercilessly beats girls as young as 12 on the soles of their feet if they refuse to sleep with him, Iraqi defectors said today. Uday Hussein forces head tears of After 27 days of Torture, Latif Yahya, Uday's double had all his hairs removed and thrown naked infront of his parent's home who failed to recognize him in such a condition but as they got to know the real story they were shocked. Maybe, Uday didn't need him anymore. Latif's story about his life can be read in

It boasts another swimming pool, with a bar. Three German Shepherds who guarded the compound have been adopted by soldiers, who feed them military rations.

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For the wilder animals, soldiers have been throwing in sheep from a nearby pen, said Specialist Pete Adams. more Courts articles.

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You've Got Latif Yahia on Being Uday Hussein's Body Double

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As Uday Hussein drove his golden Pors slowly up a busy street in one of Baghdad's smartest districts, just after dark on Dec. 12 , two gunmen responded to Sharif's command with a hail of Hussein's eldest son, Uday Hussein, reportedly had a falling out with his father, despite Uday's position as successor to the Hussein regime. The eldest son was internationally known for his unstable personality and numerous criminal allegations - which included assaults against women, the use of archaic forms of punishment, and fatal attacks on family members and enemies alike. Uday and Uday, Saddam Hussein's feared elder son, had several hobbies: women, cars, jewellery, weapons, the Shi'ite branch of Islam, alcohol and especially torture, which he researd online. The only

Mother asks court to withdraw tube feeding so daughter can 'die with dignity'. Man jailed for sexual abuse of teenager he met on Snapchat. Michael Clifford: More houses and hard hats, less legal gowns please.

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Uday's obsession with sex was evident everywhere. The house was adorned with paintings of naked women, as well as bundles of Internet printouts of what appeared to be prostitutes, complete with


On a visit to Iraq Camille spent a night with Uday Hussein. She told her story to Lara Marlowe. Camille's encounter with the most hated man in Iraq's ancien regime frightened her so badly that Barbara, 5, recalled having Secret Service agents sitting outside her dorm room at Yale University after the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein She explained that American troops found photos of her Uday's obsession with sex was evident everywhere. The house was adorned with paintings of naked women, as well as bundles of internet printouts of what appeared to be prostitutes, complete with handwritten ratings of each. One little black book listed hundreds of women's names and phone numbers

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