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His brother is 17 and yes I've made it super clear I don't want anything with him i did lock the door I have no idea how he got in thanxz for the advice it really helps. I told my boyfriend yes. he got super made and asked y I haded said anything sooner he wnt up 2 his brother and asked for an explanation.

Tween shower naked

i have no idea what his bro said but all I know is they got in a fist fight he told me is no tgonna talk to him no more which suks because there brothers and he doesn't what me to go to his house wen his bro there Too bad it ended in a fight but what other choice was there really.

These parents need to deal with this son of thers's because this is probably just the start of that kind of behavior that he'll be doing. Its the same perso but they took my other one off i forgot to take that part off because I just took a middle part off.

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Well, it's still a serious situation. Maybe she's looking for more feedback and just cut and pasted the first entry.

It's not a stupid question or anything like that, so let it go. Be supportive, we want as few victimized women as possible. Haha sorry lol I know I know I was just wondering because it bothers me when people like randomly like ask?

K well I seriously think you should tell your boyfriend like as soon as possible so it won't continue and he could maybe then talk to his brother and get it to stop before he does something like rape you.

Ya sounds kinda extreme maybe but really better safe then sorry. Hmm or you could probably get like a restraining order but then it might be hard to see your boyfriend lol.

Ya once again I'm sorry. Well she never really did ask for help like as a question. When shit like that happens I don't know why they didn't talk to his brother like right then if they were so concerned.

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His brother is a weirdo and that needs to be addressed right away. If not, she's gonna be totally uncomfortable around either of them from now on. I would refuse to be anywhere he's at. Sexual Health.

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Well yesterday I went to the beach with my bf. When I got to his house he told me if I wanted to take a shower,I said yes and when I was taking a shower when his bro walked in not making a sound and I guess he was just seating in the toilet till I came out.

He saw me completely naked.

And that's not the worst part he tried to touch me. He also keeps telling me "damn your fine""I want to get that body" and many other inappropriate things. Share Facebook.

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My boyfriend's brother walked in the bathroom while I was naked? Add Opinion. gryndor Xper 4.

Daring gym-goers and fitness enthusiast are opting to workout in bicycle shorts that are strikingly similar to the color human skin and give off a naked appearance Well yesterday I went to the beach with my I got to his house he told me if I wanted to take a shower,I said yes and when I was taking a shower when his bro walked in not making a sound and I guess he was just seating in the toilet till I came saw me completely that's not the worst part he tried to touch also keeps telling me "damn your fine", "I want to get that body" Okay so first of all I mean as an accident lol. And I only ask because this just happened to me earlier today. So I got out of the shower and had to walk down the hall to my room in only a towel. My brother who is a year younger than me AND HIS FRIEND! were walking out of his room which is between the bathroom and my room. My towel caught on the door knob of a closet and started to fall. I managed to

How old is the brother? Jeez, hopefully you've already made it crystal clear to the brother that his actions are unwanted and inappropriate. Tell your boyfriend that his brother is acting like a creepy rapist and to have him correct his brother's behavior not with violence or anything though.

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Meanwhile, lock bathroom doors and protect yourself. Don't walk into situations where this creep can take it to the next level. Amazon and Walmart also have nude shorts available online that are meant for biking or dancing.

It's quite normal and ordinary to see people naked before and during a bath/shower that you might accidentally walk in on, or them changing into clothes in their bedroom or the bathroom. No one was waving around their private parts like an exotic dancer. 98 percent of our bodies are NOT sexual organs, but skin over muscle and bone I had always walked around naked growing up till I moved out of the house. My dad and step mom made a few comments as I got older mainly if I didn't have the bottom covered. I seen my dad as well I don't think it was sexual but the curious mind to see him just happened. Same with my step mom I walked in on her showering wanting to ck her out. It wasn't exactly sexual but I've always had this comparison Prepare yourselves for some shocking news: the Mister sleeps in the nude. No undies. No socks. Totally bucky. Me? I get too cold for such things. But I do walk naked from the shower up to our bedroom in the morning to help minimize the Towering Tower of Towels that tend to collect up there. What I am trying to say is, we are a naked family. All of us: the perfect, unmarred children and the two slightly less

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Program: WBZ News 11pm Categories: NewsCrimeGeneralLocal NewsWBZTV. Police are investigating who created a website to share inappropriate photos of Duxbury girls. WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports.

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