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At that very moment, the cucumber began to expand on top of Trunks bed. The legs of his bed began to creek and moan from the weight. The creaking and moaning stopped. Marveled at the sight before him, Trunks began to understand how to command the cucumber. And sure enough, it began to shrink in size.

Trunks goten naked

He spent his remaining time before his bedtime playing with the cucumber is dozens of different ways. He stuck the cucumber under his pillow and got into bed, dreaming up scenes of Goten naked before falling asleep. The next morning Trunks got up, placed the cucumber in his pocket and walked into the kitn, grabbed his usual cereal box and ate breakfast like always.

His mother and father were at the table too, Vegeta wolfing down a tire-size sausage while Bulma sipped her tea with a little finger sticking out. Vegeta was of course none too happy as he banged his fist on the table. Damn party. Bulma returned his questioned with a stern look in her eyes, while also giving Vegeta a good look as well.

Over in the corner, Vegeta was worse, punching Goku in the guts when the poor latter tried to greet him. There was much music and dancing, and of course, enough food to make a feast. Trunks surprised Goten by gulping down at least ten whole plates more than him! The two boys ran up into the house and into Trunks room while closing the door behind them.

Heck, they still take baths together from time to time. Saiyan metabolism was really very fast.

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They hardly ever stay chubby for long. Then he read behind Goten with the other hand which was patting his butt. Now it may feel a little painful, but just endure it. Trunks had thoughts rapidly spinning through his head, but the one though that kept hitting hard was going to be his next action. As he lowered his head towards baby Goten, he stuck out his wet tongue and wraps it around the babyish sized penis.

The sensations that were flowing through Trunks and Goten were indescribable during that moment. Trunks found that he liked the power he had over Goten, liked what he was doing to him. Goten meanwhile was slowly accepting and loving the strange new feeling in his loins as Trunks licked and sucked him.

Goten shrunk until he was six ins tall. He moved his head forward with his tongue hanging out. aw what the heck, my dick! Goten could hardly believe his tiny eyes! He had to gather his thoughts to even utter a single word from the shock. He jumped off the bed and dashed to his desk, there he placed Goten face-down on the desktop. Trunks read into his desk drawer, and took out a jar of cotton swabs, little white sticks with little white cottons on both ends, the object used for cleaning out earwax.

He decides to play with Goten first before raping him with it. He pushed it in a little bit further and out of nowhere, Goten hushed. But Goten just stared into space and remained quiet. Trunks then pulled the cotton swab out a little bit and Goten immediately gd. My little baby boy slave!

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More MORE! He then set Goten on his overlarge penis, making him sit his tiny little bare butt on it. When Goten caught his breath and his breathing steadied, he stared open-mouthed at the sight in front of him. He was sitting with his bare butt on what felt like a fallen, flesh-layered tree. He got even hornier as he watd Goten moved and struggling to stay on, like a rider trying to stay on a bucking horse!

He finally read his originally height, but this time with a ten inch dick which was hard from the immense pleasure Trunks gave him. He read out and wrapped his arm around Trunks, pulled their bodies together and cuddled on the bed, both with raging boners active.

Trunks eyes flew open from shock, but slowly rolled back and fell into a pool of pleasure and erotic love. His virgin lips were taken away from him by no other than his best buddy. His dick began to twitch and the pressure to pee began to grow stronger.

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He gd and moaned until finally he read his first orgasm. Cum dripped from his dick unto his tummy. He then picks up Goten and begins to twiddle with the miniature sized penis, moving around in circles. Its Its incredible! Goten was scared for a moment, thinking Trunks was going to eat him! The same can be said for Goten, he loved how Trunks sucked his penis and his desire to enjoy it more grew every time Trunks sucked harder, and harder.

Dragon Ball Goku Become Super Saiyan NAKED Undressed in front of everyone while taking a bath with Goten and Trunks!Subscribe for more!i don't own this righ Facebook: DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL. DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productio "I saw Goten naked a few times," Trunks muttered while standing next to his bed, his penis tenting up in his pajamas pants as he thought of it. "But now since he owes me, I want to play with him naked." He giggled as a naughty thought crept into his mind. "And." he held up the pen-size cucumber

Until finally it happened! toy slave. Just hurry and continue sucking my pee-pee! The rush was flowing again, but this time with more feeling, more emotion, as off there was now a stronger love bond between them.

One that drove them both crazy when having sex and experimenting. Goten let out the biggest moan Trunks had ever heard when he reach his climax. He purred and moaned as Trunks stroked his back and butt with a finger. His speed and strength were that of a normal seven-year-old boy! He raised his hand and tried to shoot a ki blast, but nothing came out!

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Trunks bent down before Goten and started to undo his gi belt. Goten struggled but it was like struggling against a stone statue that was holding him. Trunks removed the belt and undressed Goten with extreme ease.

Trunks \u0026 Goten Naked Fusion - Gotenks

Trunks stood up and drank in the sight of Goten standing completely naked before him. He started to rub Goten on both sides, his crotch and butt, rubbing them and feeling them up. When the water was at the right level, he turned off the water and gently placed Goten in the water, like one would do a real baby.

Trunks then stripped off his clothes and joined Goten the bath, sitting behind him.

He took a bar of soap and soaped up his hands. Goten did not sit quietly, he struggled, his flailing limbs were sending water all over the floor. You like me babying you? Goten jumped out of the tub and slipped on the wet floor. Trunks caught him before he hit the floor and scooped him up in his arms like a baby again. He wrapped Goten in a towel and began drying him off. Trunks finished drying Goten and then draped him over his lap in a spanking position.

Goten squirmed uncomfortably as Trunks fingered his hole. But it did not fade. Trunks powered down until he was only as strong as Hercule Satan. He spanked Goten again, who cried out in pain.

He powered down again until was only as strong as his grandfather, Dr. Goten gulped. Goten nervously laid back and Trunks begin to fondle his penis, rolling it in his fingers and massaging it. Trunks tossed Goten up into the air and caught him again. It tickles his balls and penis, making him desire sexual release even more!

Then he blushed red with embarrassment as Trunks set down the bottle of baby powder - he knew what was coming next the diaper. Goten was filled with dread as Trunks read into a basket beside him, and withdrew a diaper. But without his ki and strength, he was helpless to resist. Seeing no choice at all, Goten begin to suck on the bottle. The longer Goten sucked on his bottle, the more relaxed he became, and the less humiliated he felt at his best friend babying him when he was at his weakest point ever.

He actually begin to enjoy it.

Trunks begin to notice this as he watd Goten sucks on the bottle more willingly with his eyes closed in relaxation. Still sucking on the rubber nipple, Goten nodded eagerly. Goten moaned with pleasure as Trunks felt his boner. Goten blushed and looked away. Goten cringed, and even though he did not need to go number two, he clend his butt tightly. Goten closed his eyes and tried to relax his bladder, to empty it, but the problem was that he still had a boner and the built-up tension from Trunks teasing it made it really hard to let his pee flow out of him.

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Almost as though there was something else in his penis that was blocking the pee flow. Trunks smiled. To his surprise, Goten nodded. Trunks laid Goten down, undid the tapes holding the now-heavy diaper up and opened the front flap.

His nostrils were assaulted by the strong smell of baby powder and urine.

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This is enough to kill a buffalo! Goten blushed. Trunks sighed.

Trunks was amazed that cum and urine combined made such a terrible smell! He then bagged it up and tossed it out the window, where it landed on an innocent old man walking his dog, who promptly fainted due to the smell and the dog ran as far as he could away from the Smell of Doom. As Trunks sensed the ki of his mother and Chi-Chi coming toward his room, he quickly dressed Goten in his clothes, cleaned up all the babying evidence and, pointing his remote at Goten, gave him his powers back.

Got it? Goten looked at his wrists, the wristbands had taken the exact color and texture of his skin. He toud one of them and was surprised that it felt like flesh!

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