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Tags : Avatar the last airbender Climax Cooking katara Masturbation Oral Sex Orgasm Sex Toph Beifong. In which Katara, who had been enslaved by Toph, finds out just what Toph's most sadistic cravings could be. Reply to this comment. Anonymous Login to read messages. Blog Favorites Latest ates Gallery Commission Status wolfmeal.

They were in the same campsite they had gone to sleep in, that wasn't unusual, but sometimes her mistress moved her to other places while she was sleeping, so it wasn't something she could count on either. Her brother and Aang looked like they were sleeping soundly around the fire, which meant that Katara would have to be careful about keeping her cries of pleasure or possibly pain down tonight. The two were deep sleepers, but Katara had seen them moving about when she didn't restrain herself at least a little bit.

Katara returned her gaze to her mistress' petite form.

Toph getting naked

Katara knew that she had licked almost every inch of Toph's body by now, and she was sure that she knew Toph's body better than anyone else. She recognized the smile on her mistress' face it meant that Toph had thought of something new to do with her toy and she didn't particularly care if her toy came out of it in one piece. It was a smile that looked, for lack of a better word, hungry.

The whole idea of it's gotten me a bit curious. And it's made me want to see you do something for me Katara's heart leaped in her throat beating wildly. Did her mistress want to see her boil naked in a vat of oil? Was this the night when Toph decided she wanted to break her toy? Even though she knew it'd be fatal Katara could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of being boiled, at the thought of dying for her mistress' amusement.

There was really only one answer she could give to the unspoken question. Do you think that Chin village would have eaten Aang instead if they had managed to boil him in oil? I don't have to wonder what a person tastes like, after all, I have you to help me find out. Toph was going to eat her, just to satisfy a fleeting whim.

Just the thought of her fate sent her heart running, she could feel her face flushing with fear, but despite that fear Katara followed her mistress' summons anyway approaching the naked noble with trepidation, but not a little bit of arousal as well. And I've always been fond of roasted meats.

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But Katara knew what her mistress wanted, and now that she knew, she had to offer it to her. If it would make you happy I may be a growing girl, but even I can't eat all of you at once. I just want to see part of you roast. Just a part of her? Katara thought to herself? What part? an arm or a leg? this wasn't just an experiment for Toph, this was also a sexual fantasy.

Her breasts then?

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Her mistress did love playing with them, but her breasts were mostly fat, they wouldn't make all that good a meal. Her perky butt then? While Toph enjoyed spanking her on ocassion for punishment Katara didn't think that Toph would be satisfied with just a rump roast.

The answer was obvious to someone who knew Toph. She loved Katara's pussy, and enjoyed absently playing with the older girl's cunt.

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When Toph rewarded her it would frequently be by eating out her pussy, it was obvious Toph smiled brightly. I'd love for you to roast your tight little snatch for me.

Toph wanted her to roast her own cunt for her mistress to dine on. This might be it She wasn't sure if this would be fatal or not. I may not be able to fix it So you're saying if you do this the rest of you might go to waste? That's not good. A slave without a snatch to play with is pretty boring But I still want you to cook yours so I can see what you taste like after you're cooked If that happens I'll help you cook the rest of yourself so that your brother and I have some meat to eat for next week or so.

So don't worry! No matter what happens to you you'll be pleasing your Mistress. She knew her mistress might discard her if it pleased her, Toph had even told her that she might tell Katara to kill herself if her mistress thought it'd be fun, but she hadn't expected it to happen tonight.

Katara thought she'd be more afraid when the time came, but the thought of her mistress eating her out for the last time, her tiny teeth tearing at Katara's cunt, made the water tribe girl shiver with arousal. The possibility of having to cook her whole body so that her mistress could share her meat with her brother the idea of Toph splitting one of Katara's clearly recognizable tits with Sokka Katara was surprised that the thought brought a flush of embarassment to her face rather than one of fear.

Blind Toph Jokes for 3 Minutes Straight

The fact that Toph frequently played with her right next to her sleeping brother was a secret source of arousal for Katara and Toph knew it. Her mistress smiled at her.

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I'm hungry, and I want my treat, so lets start cooking it. With a wiggle of Toph's toes the earth closed in around Katara's legs, stopping her from moving anything below her knees and locking her in position, her feet spread a bit wider than shoulder-length apart.

Katara knew that the question was really just another way of her master exerting her power over her for her own pleasure and that Katara's answer didn't really matter at this point. She was going to be cooked tonight whether she agreed or not.

But even knowing that Katara was willing. I hope you enjoy watching me roast my pussy. Katara squirmed as the heat hit her, her legs were trapped on either side of the campfire. Fire licked at her puffy brown lower lips causing her to writhe away from the unwelcome heat.

The brown skinned water-bender's gyrations amused Toph. Though the blind bandit couldn't see Katara's tits bouncing in the night air as she wiggled her body, Toph could feel Katara's distress through the vibrations her struggle made in the earth.

Still, with all that struggling Toph's meal couldn't possibly be getting cooked properly. With a simple swish of her foot, Toph earthbent a pair of large stone hands around Katara's forearms and pulled her slave into a better position to cook.

Katara gd as the stone flowed around her legs and forearms forcing her into place so that her fresh young pussy was outhrust almost directly over the fire.

She could feel the heat, the flames leaping up and teasing her hooded clit. Katara couldn't help but squirm and cry out, but she tried her best to keep it low so as not to wake the others, limiting herself to muffled groans and whimpers. Despite the pain, Katara couldn't help but let out a few moans of pleasure as well. Submitting like this, letting Toph use her however she wanted, knowing that soon her mistress would be eating her pussy off of her, it was an incredible turn on and Katara would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.

Toph read one hand down between her own legs, her chin resting firmly on her other hand as she felt her pet squirming. Idly, she began to play with her own pussy, her fingers stroking her lower lips, rubbing, carressing, and ocassionally, darting inside.

Katara twitd and squirmed as the flames carressed her. With her arms and legs held in place by Toph's earthbending, there was no escape from her fate. Katara's pussy writhed and gyrated over the fire, but there was no escape from the heat cooking her from below.

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Katara's snatch sizzled, as her excitement got the better of her, causing her pussy to leak arousal from her tender reddening lower lips. She felt debased, controlled, used completely. With the earthen arms holding her in place removing her choice in the matter Katara reveled in her fate. She loved the way the flames licked at her lower lips, almost as much as she loved her mistress' eyes on her body as she roasted.

Doing this, letting her mistress cook her cunt, felt like the ultimate in submission. Giving the younger girl everything that made her a woman, her pussy, and possibly her life as well, it was like nothing Katara had ever done before. She could hear her mistress masturbating behind her, see her playing with herself as she watd her prize roasting with her earth bending. Seeing it and knowing that it was her that brought this out of the little blind girl Katara could feel her climax fast approaching at the thought.

She was sweating now, but her mistress' exhuberance was almost infectious. She wanted to be finished soon, just so she could feel the other girl ripping her cunt out of her body, bite by bite.

Sweat was dripping down her body, her massive tits swinging as she squirmed in firm embrace of Toph's earthbent arms. Katara had known that Toph would break her, she had feared it, dreaded it, even wondered why, and if she would let her. But now? She embraced it. She wanted to be broken, destroyed, consumed.

And even if it was possible for her to heal herself once this was done, Katara wasn't sure she would. Toph's fingers dipped inside her pale young pussy as she felt Katara begin to cook. Katara was willingly cooking her pussy, probably fatally, because her mistress wanted her to.

The sense of power that gave her was like nothing she'd ever felt before and Toph loved it. Of course, it wasn't enough. She could feel just how close her little morsel was to the edge, closer than she was certainly. Tonight, all of this?

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