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I'm sure that students these days are having problems using the English language. Even most of the tears can't speak English well.

But being a student myself, anyone can improve if they work hard. This is a long-term project. We do need times to implement it fully.

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We also need people who are proficient in both languages in the future. Thus, this will help our future generations to have the necessary English skills. Learning in English can prepare us to face challenges in this globalisation era at first it is difficult but in the end the effort will pay off. English is the world's lingua franca. Although BM is the language for unity, it cannot be denied that by using English, one has better prospects for one's future.

English is the international language. The reason why students are having difficulty in the English language is because the tears themselves are not proficient in English.

Hence there is a great need for the tears to embark on improvement. As an English tear, I applauded the government's effort to implement the teaching of maths and science in English but at the same time I'm frustrated. Most tears can't teach English, and definitely not science subjects in English. All my tears can't I think there should be no reviews as so much money has been spent on upgrading and trainings. I myself as a student studied in BM till Form Five then I had problems in the beginning when I studied Maths.

I don't think students are having difficulty learning these subjects in English. I also don't think the government should keep reverting languages as we students will find it hard to study if they keep changing the policies. The main problem is the tears are poor in English. Also, about a decade ago the government permitted science and mathematics to be taught in English at the university level.

I am a Science student in Form Four Well, I haven't had any difficulty in adapting to the change of language medium of the subject Maths and Science when the change was first imposed I was the first batch. As a trainer helping the State Education Department, I feel that the policy is a very noble one that would put our nation in the global frontier.

The problem is the delivery - tears are not competent. I feel that Maths and Science should be taught in English as there are many websites on the Internet that help students in these two subjects with instructions in English.

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The Government has to increase the level of English proficiency of both students and tears. This should be done simultaneously with the teaching of Math and Science in English. It will also help the tears to improve their English. and English is the international language. When we go out to the working world in the future, english is essential. Teaching the two subjects in English is the most appropriate decision. As a Form Four student, I can hardly express my gratitude as the first batch to do Maths and Science in English back inin Form One.

I don't think you all get the main point of studying these Science and Mathematics subjects in English The world outside is now keen on using the international language-English in most of everything. I sincerely think that there should not be a review.

Though difficulty in learning subjects taught in English is something quite inevitable, I must say that learning subjects taught in English is more beneficial for students. English makes these two subjects more interesting, and it is easy to understand. Besides that, it can also help students to improve their English. Finally they realize that Malaysia is becoming more and more lagging behind. Well, I'm a Form Four student.

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My English does indeed become more advance due to this implementation and it enables me to achieve success in my academic endeavours. To be frank, if we only depend on tears we will not achieve anything. Reverting the teaching of these subjects in Bahasa Malaysia would only mean taking a step backwards.

Why hinder progress? If we are serious enough in wanting to be in the race in this borderless world, we don't have a choice but to be proficient in English. Even China which adopted a close door policy until the 80's is now using and learning more English. It is to be expected that there will initially be difficulties in the switchover of the medium of instruction from BM to English, especially among the tears.

The same phenomenon was seen in the past when we switd from English to BM. As English is well known as the international language, children should start early to adapt to this language. I think that teaching Science and Maths in English is a good thing. While it might not be the case for the school children who live in rural parts of Malaysia, we should also think of the students in urban areas. Think global instead of communal.

Focus on teaching resources than the output. Get external help in teaching methodology and resources. Must understand that Learning does not stop at schools. It is very important to re-start back the journey no matter how hard it is as long as there is progress in the English language in order to have any chance of competing with the world since it has bee.

If we switch to bm for those subjects, this would be minus point for the country as we need more rakyat to converse in english in future. English is a must to shows how far advance the country is. I think it is really smart move to have Malaysian students be taught science and maths in English. Because, when they graduate from school and start venturing into the world, English will come in hand.

Never seek an easy way out. All those who seek progress have embraced English let us not digress. The generation that went through English medium is still around make use of them. An easy way out is no soltio.

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Those who seek for a review must still be living on top of trees in present modern age. Damn stupid fools. Just like all rich and politicians sending their children overseas while we majority Malaysian. As a tear, I strongly support teaching the subjects in English. There are many tears cannot handle the subjects in English. Let the qualified tears to do the job.

Students cannot learn the subjects. There are many books and materials in English for the students in higher education. If the pupils in primary level have basic knowledge in English, there should not be a problem for them to continue in English. A more comprehensive system of education is needed in Malaysia so, Maths and Science should be taught in English.

I think the government has climbed the wrong tree from the very beginning. First of all, language is not something that we can pick up or learn just like that. Since we are learning maths and science in english, we feel that the standard of maths and science are equal to the world class standard.

Sure it is difficult to switch at first because we have been learning in bahasa for so many years. But it is better to start now than later. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Train the tears while in the colleges before send them to schools. It is the tears who cannot do the job, not the pupils. Those 45 years and above did it well, why?

At the very beginning, i was quite uneasy with the sudden change of language usage in both very crucial subjects which are Maths and Science. But after a few years in school having fun learning these. It is very important for the people to realize that teaching science and math in English is a necessity and argument over the language to be used does not exist at all. All the international reference is in English.

Maths and Science should be taught in English. If you are a scientist and attending scientific conferences over the world, the talks and seminars in these conferences are not going to be given in Bahasa.

If Malaysia want to be a developed country byif Malaysia want to strive to be at par with other developed nations, please keep the learning of maths and science in English.

Some parents may think changing it back to Bahasa would help cos they are good in Bahasa but for children, it is very easy to learn from a very young age. Therefore I think if we start teaching English from a very young age, there will pt be a problem.

The changes should not be made so quick. Just after 5 years to see if its done well is not good enough. Children will pick up any language if taught at a young age. I think it is still a bit too early to judge how effective the program is. Undoubtedly there are still tears and students who struggle with the use of English.

This problem will always be there as long as tears take the easy way out. When the education system changed to BM we tears then took it our stride and struggled at the beginning. When the government decided to teach math and science in English, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to improve my English in order to achieve my goal to study in the overseas.

What is the direction as far as English is concern. Is English exclusively for learning in Malaysia's context or it needs to be widened and language of knowledge by conversing in English? Teaching and Leaning Math and Sc in English is much more easier and better prospect and future for our children.

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We are living in a global environment now and teaching these 2 subjects in English will enhance our children's ability later on. As the first batch of student who learns Science and Math in English i find it very beneficial. Any information we acquire through the internet or an reference book. We do need translations. Students and tears shouldn't have difficulty learning maths and science in English.

This is a bad sign for everyone because once students are stressed up they will lose the determination and interest. I believe that tears who used to teach these two subjects in Bahasa will feel that it is quite hard to teach them in English. However, by teaching the subjects in English, tears will also benefit. I am an English tear and am also a Master trainer for the ETeMS course.

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I have been teaching English for the past 8 years and I have found that the pupils who are being taught Science and Maths are doing better I English. Technical subjects must taught in English as most reference materials be it from books or the internet are only available in English. Most research in technical fields, past or present, are documented. Yes, teaching maths and science in English will give advantage when you want to study abroad, but how many people can go abroad to further their study?

What about those in rural areas? Maths and science should be taught in English without doubt, because this helps students to improve their English which is the current international language. Therefore, it is essential to continue the programme.

I am a science tear teaching science subjects for form 4 to form 6. In my opinion, the two main obstacles in teaching of Science and Mathematics in English are political pressure and the tears.

One of the better policies decided by the Government. Leave it alone as our children will learn to cope and excel in time to come. We musn't be afraid of change for it is fear that will hold our students back.

Definitely it will be an advantage to our children to study Maths and Science in English since all the reference materials are all in English. We do not want to be left behind. I think for any policy to work and succeed, it must be given time and 6 yrs is hardly sufficient.

At the time when the medium of instruction was changed from English to BM, tears too had difficulty. Train the tears to be more competent, during the school holidays, rather than leaving the class room not attend during school days. Reverting teaching Science and Math back to Bahasa is like going backwards.

Having them taught in English was a great decision and if they are changed back to Bahasa, it clearly shows that we are going backwards. I do wish the government would stick to their policies instead of heeding the call of the minority.

The minority will always have their selfish reasons to counter whatever policies implemented. Students will be at a great disadvantage when they further their studies overseas as most research work etc. will very likely continue to be in English. Don't prolong education damage by policy flip-flops 2.

Country already losing globally, policy reversal will only add to woes. To one's own peril, don't lower standards if you can't meet them. Science and math should be taught in English because most reference and the internet are in English. If we do not teach in English, how are our graduates going to compete with students from the rest of the world?

In the era of globalization, we can no longer have this 'katak di bawah tempurung' mentality.

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I strongly agree these two subjects be taught in English but our government should trained all these tears to teach in English first.

A review will kill off another generation who will have to struggle to understand the subjects in BM when they join Form One, just the same as the current batch who have to struggle with change to English. Science and Math are taught in English in university. What is so hard about it? The reference books for students are much more than the reference books in Bahasa. Foreign students will be able to enrol in or universities.

It depends on the tears that teach these subjects. If the tears themselves are proficient enough in English and are able to explain well, I don't see any reason that students will face difficult. Teaching Science and Maths in English was the first positive step taken by the Education Ministry to stem the general decline in proficiency in the English language for the younger generation.

Learning Science and Maths in English will widen the students' English vocabulary and improve their sentence structures. If students should study maths in BM, they would calculate slower as the BM words. I have a son who is in Standard Five this year, he is learning his Science and Maths in Bahasa Malaysia, which is very difficult for me to explain to him. But on the otherside these 2 subjects in English is much more difficult.

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The government should train the tears in teaching the two subjects in English more efficiently instead of wasting time and money to do the review. To improve a language should make use of the language tears. Based on my general observation some tears are having difficulty teaching Maths and Science in English because they didn't take any initiative to improve their proficiency in English.

If the tears are the problem, then training should be intensified for them, not punish a class of 40 for the sake of one non-proficient tear. The change from English to BM was a mistake in the first place long time ago.

TO undo the mistake now, is a far sighted move, and should be continued. Any change is difficiult in the beginning. Some tears might face difficulties but I am sure children can catch up easier so it will definitely be a waste if this is dropped half way. I hope the govt. will not abandon this half way. All good reference books are in English and many of the scientific terms cannot be translated into other language I am teaching Science for Lower Primary in a private school.

The children in this school come from English speaking background and many of them are very comfortable. It is time for Malaysians to consider ourselves as global citizens.

Bahasa Malaysia as we speak it is relevant only within the boundaries of our country. What about the rest of the world? The teaching of Maths and Science should go on in English. Sure, the changeover was done too hurriedly and there are many hiccups but I definitely believe the switch is for the best.

English is a globally accepted international language, most sources on maths and science and advanced technologies are communicated in English.

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There is no need to waste resources such as reinventing the curriculum. There are some teething problems but over time these should be overcome with untiring effort by tears and students.

We must not give up trying as for nothing is impossibe with perseverence. Susah-susah dahulu,senang-senang kemudian. No pains, no gains. Not only should the two subject be taught in English but the whole school curriculum should be taught in English. It's fine that we want to have a national language, but it's not necessary to teach ever. Having Science taught in English will require better standards of English at the primary level. If we revert back to Malay for Science and Maths, there will be no urgency to improve students' English.

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