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This idea - that we, the public and the press, should not be told the truth - runs contrary to our understanding of open, democratic government, and yet a growing number of us have a sense that we are being deceived by our politicians. And yet in this, his first book, he does not see it as a crisis. At least, not yet. He was also one of the youngest ambassadors to be appointed to represent our Britannic Majesty for some years, the first western diplomat to be retweeted by the Iranian president, to have a tweetup with a diva, etc. Before Lebanon he served for four years as political secretary under Blair, Brown and Cameron. That he is a fast-track civil servant was clear the moment I met him in Beirut three years ago and I came away feeling hopeful.

I think however that there are four reasons for us to be more hopeful about the Digital Century. First, the stats are on our side. It turns out that an optimist is a pessimist armed with facts.

We live twice as long and grow six ins taller than our great, great grandparents, and have access to a life that they could never have imagined.

We are times less likely to die violently than a century ago. We have just had the most peaceful year since records began. This is little consolation to a civilian in Syria, Gaza or Chad, but it is remarkable.

Secondly, technology can in fact reinvigorate our creativity and politics.

Many companies, states and ideas will be disrupted out of business. But democracy is going to evolve, adapt and improve as more people are drawn into the political process. The internet brings us greater diversity, choice and opportunities for engagement.

And that empowerment is a good thing. The more we are able to determine our own fate, the more peaceful we become. We have tended to distrust the mob, and online mobs can be as vicious and easily manipulated as their offline predecessors.

Thomas Stuart Francis "Tom" Fletr CMG (born 27 March ) is the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford. He was formerly a British diplomat, a writer, and a campaigner. From to , he was the British Ambassador to the Lebanon. He is a Visiting Professor at New York University and author of The Naked Diplomat Talks at Google was pleased to host Tom Fletr, former British ambassador to Lebanon and author of the Naked Diplomat blog, to talk about his new book Nake Tom Daley Naked! Yup, you asked for it - here's THAT picture, and a gallery Tom Daley has posed naked and posted a picture of himself on the internet because he knows we'll LOVE it. by Joel Golby | Posted on 29 08 It must be tough being Tom Daley, just known for his body, and not for his mind. Just ered and adored for jumping into

But maybe we should learn to believe in the wisdom of crowds after all. Our desire to network and connect is not just a fad or blip, a short term response to a surge in connectivity.

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It is in our DNA. A third reason for optimism - resilience is in our DNA too. We have been here before. At key moments, as in the West after BC, or at the end of the first century AD, we face a race between transformation and collapse.

So far, we have always managed to respond: hunter gatherers turned to domestication; farmers created cities; states created empires. When millions lost their agricultural jobs, nobody knew that they would find industrial work. Fourth, we should be optimistic because the internet is going to help. As Alec Ross has argued, connectivity is going to be a great leveller.

Only about a third of all the people on earth now have internet access. Deloitte studies show that expanding access to 4 billion people in developing countries will increase productivity by a quarter and GDP by almost three quarters, create million jobs and lift million out of poverty.

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Between libertarians and control freaks. Between sharers and exploiters. Between those who want transparency, including many individuals, companies, and governments. And those who want privacy, or as its critics call it, secrecy. Between old and new sources of power.

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The next wave of technological disruption will be faster and greater than anything we have ever experienced. But we can and must be ready for it.

What has this got to do with diplomacy? It is a basic human reflex. At its essence it is about promoting coexistence, or - more starkly - stopping violence. We are trying to provide the lube as continents, states, armies and economies rub up against each other. We are trying to agree how best to distribute resources and power without fighting, as essential to the survival of the species as finding the resource in the first place.

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Indeed most of the people doing it have never crossed the threshold. They are working in communities, in NGOs, in the media, in politics, in business, in food banks and schools, elsewhere in government.

Tom Fletr - the 'Naked Diplomat' Britain's former mould-breaking ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletr TOM FLETR Tom Fletr CMG is the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University. He is a former UK Ambassador, Visiting Professor at New York University and No 10 Foreign Policy Adviser. Read Biography Listen to BBC World Service Documentary, The Naked Diplomat Read -'s Review of Naked Diplomacy Naked. Nude. O2 Arena. Photo. Picture. Reunion. Reunite. Single. Tom Fletr. Related stories Russell Tovey is ready to talk art and sexuality as he leads the Attitude May issue Community Russell Tovey on how being gay has shaped all his on-screen performances

Many do so through small acts of daily resistance against apathy, division, corruption and fatalism. And if we are to get through a period of significant peril, we need more of that citizen diplomacy to kick in.

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We need to find a more inclusive, empowering and effective way of marshalling the best instincts of humanity against the worst. Power is draining away fast from traditional elites, including diplomats.

Naked Diplomacy by Tom Fletr review - international relations for the digital age There's hope for the Foreign Office and Britain's place in the world in this upbeat missive from an Share, rate and discuss pictures of Tom Fletr's feet on wikiFeet - the most comprehensive celebrity feet database to ever have existed. Tom Fletr Go to IMDb page. Shoe Size: [NOT SET] edit Birthplace: United Kingdom edit Birth Date: edit. Feet rating stats (42 total votes) 21 5 stars. 10 4 stars. 8 stars. 1 2 stars. 2 McBusted's Tom Fletr strips naked in latest home video Emily Hewett Thursday 25 Sep pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger

It is less like a traditional British banquet - ordered, structured, top down. And more like a Lebanese meal - anarchic, uag4food.comedictable, diverse.

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The man or woman on the Clapham omnibus, Tokyo train or Dubai monorail now has three things that have never existed in the same way before.

First, the means to disentangle the complexities of international problems, through access to information that was previously either out of reach or confined only to policymakers or elites. Secondly, that electrician in Pitlochry has the access to networks that allow him to form an unmediated view on the information he receives.

The public no longer need to wait for a Times editorial or government statement to form an opinion on the latest atrocity in Syria.

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Indeed, by the time the thunderous denunciation or timid bleat of concern arrives on their television screen or in their newspaper - for the declining proportion of people who use either - they have moved on to forming a view on the next crisis or debate.

Thirdly, an uag4food.comecedented ability to influence and shape how humanity responds. Like all superpowers, the smartphone superpower depends on what we choose to do with it.

Or we can use it to shape the environment around us. Citizens can now control the public square, literally and digitally, in a way they never could before.

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We need to win wars in the digital space. Change also requires spine - organisers and institutions to turn that energy into something tangible. Yet factors are getting in the way: our hardwired tendency to form gangs; and disinterest, banality and distraction.

If the basic hypothesis on the positive effect of greater public participation in policy is true, we depend on those participating to understand their increased power, and to engage with the global issues that they can now shape. It is all too easy not to care, to see it all as too difficult, to swallow the easy conspiracy, or simply oppose. But, with the world getting smaller, we do need to care. Firstly, because the people in the news are also human. Idealism is out of fashion as countries turn inwards.

Should we not just put up bigger walls and better ckpoints? The threats no longer take the form that they did in the 19th and 20th centuries. Neither can our responses. A topless Putin on horseback is one muscular symbol of this.

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In partnership with Banque du Liban, Fletr spearheaded the launch of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub, an international accelerator using London as a platform for Lebanese technology businesses to grow internationally. Fletr caused controversy by donating blood after a terrorist attack against the Iranian embassy in Beirut, and becoming a domestic worker to highlight migrant rights. He founded One Lebanon, an annual concert bringing together Lebanese celebrities from across the sectarian divide.

Fletr is the Project Director of Towards Global Learning Goals - a network that aims to create equal opportunities, to develop the skills needed to thrive in a new economy, and to make it easier for people on the move to adapt.

He is a Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University, [26] where he teas a course on 'Surviving the 21st Century: Power and Statecraft in the Digital Age', and supports the effort to expand peace and global citizenship studies.

Inhe led a review of British diplomacy for the UK Foreign Office [27] tasked by Sir Simon McDonald. His book, Naked Diplomacy - Power and Statecraft in the Digital Age, was published by Harper Collins on 2 June Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown called it "diplomatic genius", and Former PM David Cameron wrote that it was "a great read from a brilliant diplomat". The Times called it "a brilliant, funny polemic a cracking read".

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- called it "a call for us all to reconsider our place in society to be brave, creative, involved and connected. In Septemberhe published a report on the future of the United Nations on how technology can help the UN.

Drawing on contributions from young people, technology gurus, civil society, governments and business, it sets out twenty concrete ideas that can help the UN ready itself for the Digital Age.

Fletr was recently ranked the fourth most influential international personality in the Middle East. He is a member of the Global Tech Panel, co-chaired by EU Vice President Federica Mogherini and Microsoft President Brad Smith.

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With a mandate about how best tech can help meet the SDGs, what to do about the challenges and opportunities of AI, how to build a stronger international system for the 21st century, and the threat of lethal autonomous weapons. Inhe founded The Foundation for Opportunity, which supports good people doing good things in public life. The Foundation brings great people together to share ideas, skills, and experience, and support future leaders to deliver positive change in their communities.

He is married to Dr Louise Fletr, an Irish psychologist.

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They have two sons. According to The Sunday Times [8] and a video Fletr recorded on social media, [9] while in 10 Downing Street Fletr collected a book of advice for his sons from world leaders, including Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton.

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Retrieved 20 April Arab News. Global Learning Goals.

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Retrieved 29 March Towards Global Learning Goals. Retrieved 9 April The naked diplomat : understanding power and politics in the digital age William Collins paperback ed.

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