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After all they are the sex who got praised for having "dad bods," while women get called "plus size. But regardless, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder - at least that's what my friends tell me whenever I bring home another ugly AF dude. In my opinion, I just have unique taste. It's a taste I like to describe as the "ugly hot" phenomenon. Sure, I'm aware sometimes the dudes I like are a little unconventional , but that's why I like them. I'm more interested in a guy who's super nice and can have fun anywhere - even if he is wearing a turtleneck under a basketball jersey. Here are a few other celebs we often can't explain our attraction for, but there's no denying these dudes are hot.

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She is hot. Well yeah she is, of course she is, but if you saw her face on a chick working at Arby's you would be like "meh. Uma Thurman is totally sexy.

There is no doubt about that, even more so when she was younger than she is now. Just ask Quentin Tarantino if you don't believe me; for a while it seemed like every movie he did had her in it, and they all had some sort of foot fetish scene involving her as well.

But before all you guys that are into feet log into Hulu to watch those movies let me tell you something. Yes, she is sexy. Yes, her body is amazing. Yes, she always has really cool hair and gives off this vibe of the totally hot art student you had a crush on in college but were not cool enough to go out with.

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All of that is true. But one more thing that is true is that she is not all that good looking when it comes to the face.

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Not at all. I said it. Nicki Minaj has a pretty amazing body, there is no doubt about that. If you don't believe me just google some images of her on the Internet. Go ahead.

Being ugly hot is a "gift" only men seemingly possess. After all they are the sex who got praised for having "dad bods," while women get called "plus size." But regardless, beauty is really in the 15 Ugly Celebs Who Only Get By With Their Hot Bodies. There are all sorts of woman out there in the world. There are thin women, overweight women, tall ones, short ones, ones with great butts and hips, with big boobs, and ones that are totally skinny and This is the perfect examples of real life when you go on the street and you see something amazing in front of you that body will make your imagination br

I will still be here when you come back in half an hour or so. Anyway, for whenever you get back, her face does not quite keep up with the rest of her. There even have been some issues in the past where she has become upset for people getting on her Instagram and her Twitter feeds and calling her ugly. When that happened she got kind of uptight and struck back by posting photos of some of the people that said that on her page. Well, I have a couple things to say about this.

Nicki- your face is kind of odd looking, and don't try to post my photo as it would just backfire as I am ridiculously good looking. Lea Mile has some nice qualities, of this there can be no doubt. Everyone seems to like her, at least a little bit. First and foremost is her body, and next is that she just has that whole All-American, good girl thing going on, which of course she would have to have as the star of Glee.

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But the reality of the situation is that she is kind of goofy looking. Not quite ugly per se, but totally goofy looking. Don't get me wrong; if you are looking for someone to take to the prom, or to bring home to mom, her looks are just fabulous. But when you have a body like hers some other thoughts come to mind from time to time about how one could spend time with her, and that is when the disparity between her body and her face really hit home.

Anna Faris was totally adorable when she first started out, particularly when she was in Scary Movie, but as time has gone on she has become a little bit more suspect in the face with each passing year. This is truly tragic as her body has continued to look totally smoking, and I do mean totally.

She always has kind of had a goofy vibe, which plays pretty well when you are like blonde and years-old, but does not help a whole lot when you are pushing What seemed kind of quirky and cute when you were young can seem sort of odd when you get a little bit older, and Anna is a very good example of that. Her body, though not only just won't quit, but it actually seems totally incapable of quitting.

It still looks awesome. I picked Jillian Michaels here, but I just as easily could have picked one of thousands of women that have the same vibe. Some of these women are celebrities, while others are just women that jam up your social media feeds with shots of how their abs, legs, and butts look all the time. All these chicks do is work out and they want pretty much constant reinforcement about how amazing they look and how awesome their bodies are.

Of course there is one problem, a lot of them look a lot like Jillian, who has an amazing body, and a face that reminds me of a catr's mitt.

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As long as we get nothing but gym shots of her everything is fine- more than fine actually. But as soon as we get the dreaded head shot, everything changes. There is no minute workout that is going to help that face.

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Next The World's 20 Youngest Billionaires Related Topics Entertainment. Leon Powell Articles Published Leon writes for numerous websites, including TheRist. It's quite weird how things have changed, I think in the past all girls cared about was a suit, a car and a house; no girl has ever said to a man that their face was too ugly lol Girls choices are probably being feminised nowadays.

lmao ok do you think this guy's handsome or ugly? png and this one: i. jpg s-media-ca-ak0. Some people remain fat or anorexic forever, just the way some smokers won't give up smoking.

It's a matter of hardwired habits and attitudes. Anorexia is a condition. You cannot say because someone is unable to gain weight they are anorexic. Also, people remaining fat is due to another medical condition. I thought you were speaking about normal people who don't have the greatest bodies.

Aren't you speaking about every day cases? Not those that aren't in the norm. Sorry, I use the term "anorexic" quite loosely. Instead he'd say: who cares what people think? I'm going to keep smoking these joints and dine on redbull or coffee.

anonymous I'm pretty fit. Would you say I'm attractive in spite of my less than pretty face?

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Oh really? Girl you have yet to see so many shocking things in real life :p darialois. jpg userfiles. jpg www. jpg bearmythology.

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jpg moneywebtips. jpg 4. Do you think I'm attractive regardless if my less than pretty face?

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Do you think this guy's handsome 4. png And this guy apparently takes good care of himself www.

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jpg Par example Which one of the two has created more sexual 'tension' or lust for you? funny kind and fun lol but what does ugly look like in your opinion? Just curious. It's hard to explain but just generally not the prettiest man I don't know I'm sorry I can't explain. I see, thank you for your answer!

If you can attack a link to an image that would be great! Otherwise it's ok : xx. I been watchin the hodgetwins for a long time, I know which video you're talking about but they're talking from a guys perspective and I totally agree with them. An 'average' faced girl can go from a 5 to a 9 with a nice body. When a girl has a hot body, everything about her is hotter, even her face. lol sorry that typo caused confusion, I guess if you feel you're too young you could choose 21 or younger options but if you feel older you could choose the 21 or older ones xD haha pls vote anyway!!

Do you mean abundant facial hair? Or maybe untidy and patchy? I see, do you like this one? What makes you so confident that you can fix someone nobody prior to you could fix?

But if he ever decides to be healthy and fit he just has to work out that's all. Yes, but what if he decides he doesn't need to workout or be healthy, because of his handsome face? Would you leave him then? No I wouldn't. I just want him to be healthy, I don't care if he has muscles or 6 pack abs. That's right sherlock lmao but how does the poll not include you? You're an under 21 yo girl, please vote! Ok, do you like any of these faces? jpg i. jpg scontent-a.

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Yeah that's why I asked them to tell me what they perceive as an ugly face. I think it could be a racial problem more than anything! The only thing I can say is that everyone looks for someone with an attractive face, i know its relative, the thing is that there are certain characteristics that makes you more or less attractive than the rest and it haves to do with how healthy you look.

Most people are not going to choose someone that seems to have health problem, most are going to look for those who look healthy. It haves to do with natural selection, according to scientific resears.

I like your answer ZoeyMercer You are born with your face. Fitness level is everyone's personal responsability. Oh that's nice! Do you like ripped like this? jpg Or like this: d42f41acfeed9bcca it's hard to say. I like a well-proportionate face. Flattering features.

How about this guy? And this guy? ck these out darialois. jpg 2. Took me 10 mins to find the images for you, it would be great if you could click on and view them lmao. No way! Why do you prefer him pre-toned? And how about the other guys?

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Oh, I'm not sure, I always thought overdoing it was meant for jacked up bodybuilders with weirdly shaped backs and legs lol. Yeah but to achieve that "natural looking" body a man has to seize from running, lifting things up and moving around in general, let alone have a swimming hobby or something. That's true, it takes a massive effort for the average guy to achieve that form, but he's not really "puff" though, just "ripped" in technical terms.

But as for the pictured guy's unfit form, I had tried that myself; it is crushing to self confidence and did require me to remain physically inactive for a long while. Don't suggest third options; you have to choose between these two guys: which one?

And what's your definition of a hot body vs unfit one? What makes a guy's face ugly? Asymmetrical facial features? Lack of hair on head? Vote A. Vote B. Vote C. Vote D.

I'm a guy girls don't click on this pls, choose any of the above.

Iggy Azalea has a ridiculously hot body, if you are into that kind of thing. And yes, Iggy is not very pretty

Vote E. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. but it's not like a horror monster, zombie or something!

will order understand?

Share Facebook. Girls: Would you take an ugly faced guy with a hot body or a handsome but unfit guy? Add Opinion. Poppie07 Xper 5. Depends how they are as a person and how they treat me.

Women With Good Bodies And Bad Faces You hear it all the time: she got a nice body but the face is messed up. That's where we get "butter face" from. See, everything looks good but her face. And we hate to be bearers of bad news but these ladies have the goods from the Ugly face with hot body, cause you can always take her to South Korea for plastic surgery. They CAN do miracle, period. But you cannot change body proportion with surgery It's impossible to have a guy with a hot face, and a really fat/ugly body. it doesn't work like that. I love eyes (especially guys with blue eyes). A nice face is better then a ripped body any day

What makes a guy ugly, hmmm I don't know maybe the way he see's other's and life. If you can not relate to certain situations and you are very judgmental of a situation you have never exprienced and prob never will saying all homeless people are lazy and need to be rid off.

YOU'RE FUCKING HIDEOUS My requirements are a pulse and a penis! Lol, therefore ugly, cute, tall, chubby, fit, nerdy, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, wrestles croc's for a living or accent like Matumbo idgaf lol i like what i like. I'm not too picky or too not picky. If i want you regardless of what u look like you better believe I'm going to get ya. Wow you girl are the opposite of superficial ; Keep it up!

Ok can you show me what you consider to be ugly or beautiful, face-wise? Show All Show Less. Lol stupid face define what a stupid face is?

Findingmyway Xper 7. I take whats attractive to me.

And for me "handsome and attractive" is often an average joe to others. A great face can't create those characteristics. Sometimes you hear her mentioned as a model, or a rapper, or maybe she is just a personality of sorts. Who knows really? Then to top it all off, this is a piece about women that get by because of their hot bodies.

Is it really possible to say that Amber Rose has a hot body? There are some people that think so, but a lot of people don't as well. I mean how the heck is she even famous? And what is she famous for?

One thing for sure is that she likes showing her body off, and she would not be famous otherwise. That, and the undeniable fact that she is not all that lovely, mean she makes this list. I already know what a lot of you are going to say, " Iggy Azalea is like totally gorgeous, what is she doing on a list like this, oh Leon you are so mean, you sure better be good looking to make fun of Iggy.

Listen, Iggy Azalea is moderately talented. Iggy Azalea has a ridiculously hot body, if you are into that kind of thing. And yes, Iggy is not very pretty. At all. She is not world famous because of her face. She is not world famous because of her talent. She is world famous because she shakes her big booty around all of the time.

Who made any of us the judge of beauty?besides,i think beauty is in the eyes of the me,if you are hot in body and face and you are cold inside your heart,you are really ugly. However,if i meet two ladies with the description here and they are both beautiful inside,i'll choose the one with pretty face and we'll work on the body if it's too repulsive Top 25 Hot Bodied babes but with ugly faces Tags: butterface sexy body ugly face chicks girls women wtf hot cool hilarious weird NEXT GALLERY 22 Times Total Craziness Was Spotted On The Subway , Comments

You may say I am wrong, but that shows that you have fallen victim to the hype. If it were not for Iggy's body, and the way that she uses it, she would be working at the mall. JoJo is another woman who has a body that just won't quit, and a face that you wish quit a very long time ago. She has a decent enough voice, and is reasonably talented, and in fact started off as a child star after competing on America's Most Talented Kids.

In fact, she was the youngest person to ever have a number one hit, which happened when she was just 1 years old. When she became an adult, two things really helped her move forward in her career: the fact that she has really good producers, and the fact that she has a really smoking body.

Those two things will cover up for a lot, even the fact that one may not be the most blessed in the face department. Her hot body is the number one reason she makes it. You don't have to be any sort of genius to know that Lady Gaga was going to be on this list.

She pretty much epitomizes the entire thing. She obvious has a good body, there is no doubt about that, nor is there any doubt that she is more than willing to use it to get attention. For an ugly chick, that is just reasonably talented, she really has come a long way.

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And hey, I didn't mean that to be an insult, I am actually super impressed at how well she has done in spite of her obvious limitations. She has now read the point where she performs at the half time of a Super Bowl, and people actually sit around, excited to see her! So I know you want to say I am a jerk, but be honest, if she did not have a hot body, would she still be a big star?

Okay so I am going to be honest: it is not so much that Fergie is ugly, but rather that her body and her face are at opposing ends of the beauty spectrum. Sure, she is reasonably talented, and yeah, she is not the ugliest woman that you would ever see in your life, I will give you that.

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But still, there is no doubt that the fact that Fergie has such a banging body is pretty much the entire reason that she is a big star, that and the fact that she undeniably has a bit of charisma. But listen, you and I both know that what I am saying is true, even if you don't want to admit it. She has some credibility because of her time with the Black Eyed Peas, and she is not totally hard to look at. But yeah, she gets by because of her body.

Haylie Duff is the older sister of Hilary Duffand that is pretty much her claim to fame. She is kind of known as an actress, and is sort of thought of as a singer, she released a few songs back in the day. The thing is though that Haylie is certainly not very pretty, without a doubt she is not as good looking as her sister is, and there is no way that she got her recording contracts because of her talent, there are a lot of other women out there who are way more talented and never got a deal.

You don't have to be Columbo to figure out she got to record some songs because she has a famous last name, and because she has a pretty smoking body.

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