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When Dana takes a turn for the worse, Alice keeps vigil at her bedside; Carmen drops the unexpected on Shane; Bette finds inner peace elusive; Jenny introduces her ex-husband to Max; Tina settles in Tina learns the truth about Candace; Dana loses a friend but gains a fiancee; Jenny finds herself in another romantic quandary involving Marina that pushes Tim further away. Alice steals some of Dana's ashes; Bette thinks about fighting for sole custody of Angelica; Lara arrives home too late; Max finally lands a job - one for which Moira was rejected. Take a look ahead at all the major movie releases coming to theaters and streaming this season. See the list.

As with most stories inherently about identities, The L Word often reinforced otherness and stereotypes and isolated itself from stories that diverged from the ones it told. Beyond that, the series explored bisexuality, drag kings, drag queens, gender nonconformity, gay parenting, addiction, rape, and U. And at times, The L Word seemed like science fiction or fantasy, getting too ridiculous for its own good and taking place in an alternate reality of lesbian cafe turf wars and very casual revenge arson.

Okay, so perhaps this isn't one of the hottest L Word sex scenes, but it is one of the most realistic, and for that it makes number 10 on the list. Everyone can relate to the awkwardness of your Just as The L Word was ending, Wet For Her is an online sex toy retailer that's a welcoming space for queer women and the folx they love - celebrating a diverse range of bodies, genders, and   About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

In its final, disastrous season, The L Word switd genres entirely, turning into a murder mystery that no one even wanted to solve and, in fact, was never solved, leaving viewers to conclude that we all killed Jenny Scter. But The L Word was radical for mainstream television in the sense that it created a world that not only acknowledged the fluidity of sexuality but allowed its characters to explore that fluidity.

Shane Goes To Cherie Jaffe's House - L Word

Just about every recurring female character on the series eventually kissed a girl and liked it. Even the straight-identifying Kit Porter Pam Grier had her fair share of queer storylines.

Attention The L Word lovers: in anxious anticipation of the brand, spanking new episodes of the hottest series on Showtime, PROVOKR Productions presents the sexiest scenes we could find to hold us over until the next season begins. Enjoy the various couplings of our favorite Los Angeles lesbians, Shane, Jenny, Bette, Tina, Alice, and Kit   Videomontaje The l word con escenas hot   Season 2, Episode NO COPYRIGHT INFRAGEMENT INTENDED!"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for

Men, especially straight cis-men, appear so rarely on the show that it simply looks different than anything else on television. And a vast majority of the episodes were written and directed by women.

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So even at its most absurd story-wise, The L Word was doing something revolutionary just by putting that many women behind and in front of the camera.

Orange Is The New Black is the only show to have come even close to matching that level of representation.

The L Word's explicit sex scenes were often criticized for appealing to the heterosexual male gaze. But in season two, Shane and Jenny get a new roommate to represent that male gaze: Mark Wayland The L Word - Hot Hook Ups huggabunchable, 02/0/ The L Word-JenNikki-Sexy Girls MiaKirshnersWorld, 16/05/ The L Word | Bette And Tina Hot S*x Scene Hollywood Telly Tweets, 1/08/ The L Word - Bette Porter - Get Sexy LiziJ, 27/10/ Bette And Tina ValiumKnights, 01/06/ THE L WORD JENNY & MARINIA "TOXIC" LESBIANGAYVIDEOS, 0/09/ Bette and Jodie the l word   Network: Showtime; Genre: Drama; Content Rating: TV-MA (for nudity, simulated sex, graphic sexual dialog and profanity); Available: DVD; Classification: Modern Classic (star range: 1 - 5) Seasons Reviewed: Complete Series (6 seasons) Llene Chaiken's "The L Word" is an ensemble melodrama that plunges us into the world of a tight-nit group of lesbians including Bette (Jennifer

Well, The L Word did it for 70 episodes. The series carved out a long-term place for queer women on television, and its departure left a major void that has yet to be filled. Of course, the idea that you can just ck off a bunch of boxes to determine whether someone is gay or not is silly and binary-reinforcing, but the writers cover their tracks there by allowing the mission to fail.

Even at its most absurd, The L Word is about community, so it comes as no surprise that the show so effectively fostered community in the real world.

For that reason, destination episodes of The L Word always stand out.

Young Jenny 5 episodes, Mitch 5 episodes, Kelly Wentworth 4 episodes, Veronica Bloom 4 episodes, Melvin Porter 4 episodes, Francesca Wolff 4 episodes, Hunter Kirby 4 episodes, Gabby Deveaux 4 episodes, Stacy Merkin 4 episodes, Benjamin Bradshaw 4 episodes, Mercedes Morales 4 episodes, Amy Reed 4 episodes, Harrison 4 episodes, Leigh Ostin 4 episodes, Clive 4 episodes, Marcy 4 episodes, Irwin Fairbanks 4 episodes, Oscar 4 episodes, First A.

Waitress 4 episodes, Mikey 4 episodes, Patricia 4 episodes, Anna 4 episodes, Lisa episodes, Conrad Voynow episodes, Lenore Pieszecki episodes, Lacey Haraway episodes, Winnie Mann episodes, Nadia Karella episodes, Roberta Collie episodes, Gabriel McCuton episodes, Kate Arden episodes, Chase episodes, Danny Wilson episodes, Leonard Kroll episodes, Lindsey English episodes, Leo Herrera episodes, Gene Feinberg episodes, Marti episodes, Aaron Engleberg episodes, Howie Fairbanks episodes, Clea Jaffe episodes, Steve Jaffe episodes, Brooke episodes, Abuela episodes, Freddy episodes, Randa 1 episode, Slim Daddy 2 episodes, Burr Connor 2 episodes, Faye Buckley 2 episodes, Yolanda Watkins 2 episodes, Allen Barnes 2 episodes, Marybeth Duffy 2 episodes, Clea Mason 2 episodes, Aimee 2 episodes, Julia 2 episodes, Shelly Greenlee 2 episodes, Marie 2 episodes, Harry Samchuk 2 episodes, Colonel Gillian Davis 2 episodes, Eric Sonnenberg 2 episodes, Dick Petersen 2 episodes, Caleb Cooper 2 episodes, John James 2 episodes, Janice 2 episodes, Andrea 2 episodes, Xandra Rosenman 2 episodes, Prison Guard 2 episodes, Isabella Pernao 2 episodes, Jan Martin 2 episodes, Alma 2 episodes, Brad 2 episodes, Major Dorough 2 episodes, Lieutenant Finnerty 2 episodes, Matt 2 episodes, Karen 2 episodes, Sister Agatha 2 episodes, Hazel 2 episodes, Reporter 2 episodes, Shapiro 2 episodes, Evi 2 episodes, Harley 2 episodes, Charlie 2 episodes, Lori 2 episodes, Detective Sean Holden 2 episodes, Dana's Coach 2 episodes, Whit Strobel 2 episodes, Carol 2 episodes, Dad 2 episodes, Marcus Allenwood 2 episodes, Ruth 2 episodes, Megan 2 episodes, Boy 2 2 episodes, Carla McCuton 2 episodes, Ruby 2 episodes, Joe 2 episodes, Aaron Sanborn 2 episodes, Boy 2 episodes, Second A.

Brenda 2 episodes, Boy 4 2 episodes, Megan Swisher 2 episodes, Lisa Johnson 2 episodes, Triple 2 episodes, Brian 2 episodes, Guy Gallo 2 episodes, Teri 2 episodes, Nurse 1 episode, Male Nurse 1 episode, Gregory 1 episode, Nelly 1 episode, Director 1 episode, Maria 1 episode, Annette Bishop 1 episode, Art Show Attendee 1 episode, Isabel 1 episode, Phoebe Sparkle 1 episode, Gus 1 episode, Nick Barashkov 1 episode, Roger 1 episode, Self 1 episode, Sandy Ziskin 1 episode, Leslie 1 episode, Katie 1 episode, Manfredi Ferrer 1 episode, Jenny's Editor 1 episode, Michael Angelo 1 episode, Marc 1 episode, Roxanne 1 episode, Sharon at 17 1 episode, Moving Man 1 episode, Teenage Girl 1 episode, Tayo 1 episode, Feef 1 episode, Farber 1 episode, Gym Queen 1 episode, Jordina Garber 1 episode, Nicole 1 episode, Man in Suit 1 episode, Greg 1 episode, Claybourne 1 episode, Eric Beener 1 episode, Dotty 1 episode, Tipsy Woman 1 episode, Ewan 1 episode, Beautiful Older Woman 1 episode, Victoria Van Kleef 1 episode, Susan 1 episode, Judge 1 episode, Stephanie 1 episode, Sheriff Sammy Craff 1 episode, Nadia 1 episode, Amber 1 episode, George 1 episode, Young Dana at Age 16 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Vanessa 1 episode, Phil 1 episode, Deena 1 episode, Wedding Guest 1 episode, Rod Sebring 1 episode, Sally 1 episode, Sister Christine 1 episode, Drag Ann-Margaret 1 episode, The Trucker 1 episode, Bon Sweeney 1 episode, Bike Organizer 1 episode, Counsellor 1 episode, Luchi Santis 1 episode, Weezie 1 episode, Leah 1 episode, Beth Gill 1 episode, Lamaze Instructor 1 episode, Gurudev 1 episode, Clarissa 1 episode, Graham 1 episode, China 1 episode, Ralph 1 episode, Staffer 1 episode, Assistant 1 episode, Volunteer 1 episode, Roman Brown 1 episode, Victor 1 episode, Girl 1 1 episode, Senator Barbara Grisham 1 episode, Marilyn 1 episode, Louise 1 episode, Woman at Shelter 1 episode, Grand Marshall 1 episode, Taxi Stand Supervisor 1 episode, Bus Boy 1 episode, ER Nurse 1 episode, Hotel Bardenter 1 episode, Rebecca 1 episode, Home vron Right TV vron Right The L Word reunion: The cast watd a sex tape to prepare for love scenes.

The L Word reunion: The cast watd a sex tape to prepare for love scenes.

  r/theLword: Sub for the Showtime Series 'The L Word' and the Upcoming Sequel Series 'The L Word: Generation Q'. Coming December 8 to Showtime!   Este video se ha subido desde un telefono con Android   Okay, so perhaps this isn't one of the hottest L Word sex scenes, but it is one of the most realistic, and for that it makes number 10 on the list. Everyone can relate to the awkwardness of your

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Mia Kirshner: These girls said that my breasts were the ninth character. Jennifer Beals: Well, the ninth and the 10th.

The L Word cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more The L Word - Helena and Dylan - Season and 6 Visit my channel for more videos of the l word! song: Duffy - Syrup & Honey (Instrumental) video. the l word. helena and dylan. love. story. TiBette - The 'Woohoo' Scenes. added by crowe video. 1. Jenny and Niki- First Kiss. added by oth-rocks. motherfuckingjennysc. video. the l word. jenny. niki. 4x0 jessica capshaw. added by   Esceena lesbica
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