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The interview was conducted by two comedians, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. Recounting her tale of horror from 20 years ago, Hill informed that she was targeted as a teenager by her Pakistani Muslim boyfriend.

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She reminisced about being taken to different flats around Rotherham, Sheffield, and Bradford and subsequently raped, tortured, and strangled. As such, she was coerced into silence. When she tried to run away from her perpetrator, he stalked her and then barged into her house. She was hospitalised for a week and had suffered multiple fractures and lacerations. Her only way out from the Pakistani grooming gang was to change her name, shift somewhere else, and start life afresh.

She revealed that the grooming gangs primarily target underage girls but also victimise young and old women. There are a lot of different towns that have been named as being involved. She then reiterated that there have been half a million victims of grooming gangs in the UK alone in the last 40 years.

Read- Rotherham paedophiles received half a million pounds in legal aid from public money while their victims remain uncompensated. The medical practitioner informed that the National Crime Agency in the UK have been investigating historic cases related to grooming gangs for the past 15 years.

Hill pointed out that her white skin was always on the mind of her Muslim perpetrator. She further revealed that non-adherence to Islamic rules and customs gave them a licence to use, throw, and abuse non-Muslim women.

Hill unearthed the distorted mindset behind the idea of grooming gangs. On being asked if she approad the police, Dr. But, they said that they can do nothing about it. Those were their exact words. as he was my boyfriend. but the police should have understood. The interviewers then asked her about the indifferent behaviour of the police towards her.

The same was found in a police review. In spite of documentary evidence of scars and fractures in her medical notes, the police refused to act. This left the hosts shell-shocked about the cruel injustice meted out to the victim.

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According to the official figures, it is being estimated that nearly 19, minors in England were sexually groomed in England in the last year. Reportedly, the local authorities in England have identified around 18, suspected victims inup fromfive years ago. The latest figures showed a sharp increase in the number of child grooming victims over the last five years. The highest rates of child grooming victims in Britain were reported in areas including Birmingham, Lancashire, and Bradford.

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Privacy Policy. Sign up. your email. Password recovery. Sunday, March 28, Latest News. News Reports. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that there is a need to call out hypocrisy of vested groups which target India over several issues.

Punjab: Anti-farm law protestors attack BJP MLA, strip him naked after thrashing him OpIndia Staff - 27 March, New leaked audio shows Mamata Banerjee allegedly instructing aide to bury BJP leader in a pit: Details OpIndia Staff - 27 March, Arjun Singh said, "Who leaked this audio tape, only Mathurapur MP CM Jatua or Mamata Banerjee can answer.

BJP leader Pralay Pal speaks up after Mamata Banerjee begged him to help her in Nandigram, says he will remain loyal to Suvendu Adhikari OpIndia Staff - 27 March, BJP leader Pralay Pal said that he will remain loyal to Suvendu Adhikari after Mamata Banerjee called him asking for his help in Nandigram.

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Remember the Tamil Nadu candidate who promised a trip to the moon in election manifesto? Thulam Saravanan said that his aim was simply to spread awareness and to caution voters against parties promising freebies. The other day, PM Modi mentioned in his speech that he once had to go to jail during a satyagraha for the liberation of Bangladesh.

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People who fed us daadi nana stories by Priyanka now have issues believing history that RSS supported creation of Bangladesh K Bhattacharjee - 26 March, Narendra Modi recalled the Gana Satyagrah organised by the Jana Sanghin August to support Bangladesh liberation. As polling in Bengal draws near, a number of these artists and performers have taken to Youtube to tell us that they are not neutral.

The Quint graduates from humanising terrorists to dehumanising parents of Nikita Tomar, just because killer is Muslim man Akshita Bhadauria - 25 March, It seems, in Tauseef's case, since the act was caught on camera, The Quint, left unable to defend him, chose to dehumanise the victim's family instead.

All Media Fact-ck Political Fact-ck Social Media Fact-ck. Has Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray tested HIV positive? A fact-ck OpIndia Staff - 25 March, The claim turned out to be untrue. BBC publishes a report to discredit achievements of Yogi Adityanath government, gets fact-cked by the UP police OpIndia Staff - 25 March, Attempts of BBC to berate Uttar Pradesh and the Yogi Adityanath government was soon called out by the Uttar Pradesh police.

Congress IT Cell head Rohan Gupta recently shared an abridged video of PM Modi's speech in Assam to further propaganda against the BJP. After Outlook shared its mischievously titled report, social media users began to mock govt for such a preposterous option. the families had suffered mainly at the hands of Pakistani men. Because the predators were Muslims, the agencies who are responsible for child-protection have almost entirely failed in their job to protect vulnerable children.

National agencies busied themselves with cybercrime, bullying in schools, and the trafficking of children into Britain - almost anything to avoid attending to this serious sexual and violent abuse going on across England. Sources inside Crop placed the percentage as high as 80 per cent, although Kurdish, Romanian and Albanian gangs were also involved. May Child sex grooming: the Asian question. Following an inquiry in into the events in Rochdale, the socialist MP for the town said that the police had been actively ignoring reports by the victims.

The perpetrators have been overwhelmingly men from Muslim communities, and the victims have been overwhelmingly girls from non-Muslim communities Sikhs, Christians, Atheists.

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Yet the professionals never deemed it important to declare this, or even denied the pattern existed. Untilthe media in Britain did not once discuss the similarities between Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs here and Muslim Grooming gangs in the Netherlands even though English-language media in the Netherlands were reporting on these gangs as early as Throughout the last twenty years, no ordinary member of the British public had any reason to associate the town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire with systematic, organized child abuse.

It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided. Multiculturalism came about in order to deny that there is any significance to cultures having different values and to conceal that there will be conflict when these incompatible values come together. Political correctness is the means by which such denial is enforced. The report identified that most of the perpetrators were Pakistani Muslim men.

The Times article states that inRotherham Council produced a report which identified brothers from one Pakistani Muslim family as being linked to the sexual exploitation of 54 girls from the area. The Muslim men in this case seem typical of many of the men involved in this crime. And we believe that the behavior of Rotherham council is typical of the behavior of many, perhaps most, councils. And the social significance of this destructive concept is maintained principally by the left-wing racism industry.

The massive over-representation of Muslim men among those convicted for these kinds of crime seems to indicate that being male and being Muslim are the most significant characteristics when it comes to identifying the motivation of these gangs and their customers. Every decade, the Muslim population of Britain almost doubles in size, so there is every reason to believe that without some massive changes in our society, the activities of these gangs will grow and grow.

Passing sentence Judge John Walford told Shakil Munir, 2, year-old Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif, 17, that they had regarded the girls - all aged between 1 and 15 - as objects for their own sexual pleasure. Judge Walford said there was no place in a civilized society for the attitude shown by the three defendants towards the five girls, who were all aged between 1 and Christopher Knox, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court that the girls had been exploited by a loosely connected group of young men and one older man.

They were groomed for what later occurred - these were not a case of girlfriend, boyfriend relationships. The court heard that the girls [the victims] had been taunted and insulted by friends and family of the defendants since coming forward, including being bombarded by obscene messages, called sluts and accused of being racist.

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Which shows that the Muslim community continues to see the non-Muslim victims as the problem, not the Muslim perpetrators. This is a distinctive feature of the grooming gang phenomenon throughout its history. After all the publicity surrounding convictions of gangs in Oxford, Rotherham and Rochdale in recent years, it appears the gangs are not stopping their activities.

Uk pakistani girls

Some 0 miles north of Middlesbrough, police have arrested another 0 men for grooming activities. For the good of diversity. Social Media is till today condemning her act. By not stopping their Pakistani Muslim community, these Pakistani Politicians have proved, that they are hand in glove with the Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs. They are using rape of small girls as a tool to terrorize people to leave certain areas and make those areas muslim dominated so that these Pakistani Politicians get their perpetual votebank.

The way the Pakistani Muslim population is multiplying, these people will sell of UK to Pakistan.

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He told that in UK, Pakistani Muslims are raping our daughters while our government is giving our tax money in Financial Aid to Pakistan and inviting more of Pakistani Muslims to our country.

He told that none of our females are safe until a strong government comes to power that will deport all Pakistani Muslims and stop all foreign aid to Pakistan.

There are other Pakistani prominent politicians in UK like Sajid Javid and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. They have failed to stop their community i. Pakistan Muslim Grooming Gangs from committing these heinous targeted crimes against British Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Atheist girls of years. Their silence is considered as their complicity in the crimes by at this massive scale by their community. One [schoolgirl] was still so frightened of her attacker that she initially refused to give evidence for fear he would hurt her again.

She had been raped and prostituted at 11 by a man who bought her little gifts and showed her the first affection she had known. Through the doctrine of multiculturalism, enforced via political correctness, the gangs in Britain were basically operating with impunity between and Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs Convictions reveals that many of those convicted in a particular town are almost certainly members of the same family.

We are informed that this kind of phenomenon does not occur in other cases where adults are grooming children for sex. In those cases, the adults are either unrelated or are working alone for fear of exposure or criticism from their friends or relatives. The Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs phenomenon thus shows distinctive new characteristics.

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The gangs want virgins and girls who are free of sexual diseases. The younger you look, the more saleable you are The schoolgirls they target are overwhelmingly non-Muslim, while the gangs are overwhelmingly Muslim. None of this is accidental; here we are not talking about cross-cultural romantic relationships. What is so unusual about this disparity in ethnicity, is that mostly Muslims in Britain have little or no interaction with the indigenous population.

The grooming and abuse was said to be systematic, tactical and repetitive.

The defendants had family or friendship links. The schoolgirl will be given money and presents, flattered by compliments and by being taken into a world of adults. She will be introduced to drugs and alcohol. From there it is a downward spiral of rape and prostitution, often with the schoolgirl suffering severe mental and physical pain, even torture.

If the girl tries to escape, the gang will punish her with various forms of physical and mental abuse, threats and intimidation, and even brutal violence. They are criminal gangs, making money from the schoolgirls they pimp out.

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If a schoolgirl gets out of their cluts, they stand to lose large amounts of money, so they go to extreme lengths to ensure the schoolgirls are compliant and available. The Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs are systematic and well-organized in their behavior, and the collusion of the community is extensive:. However, some Muslims who spoke on the condition of anonymity painted a very different picture.

The men explain that some of the grooming was initiated on the instructions of older relatives. Other young men were seeking kudos.

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