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Saddam Hussein was the infamous President of Iraq from to until US military apprehended him. In , he faced trial for crimes against humanity and was sentenced to death. The eldest son was internationally known for his unstable personality and numerous criminal allegations - which included assaults against women, the use of archaic forms of punishment, and fatal attacks on family members and enemies alike. Uday and his brother Qusay died in when special operations Task Force 20, in conjunction with the US Army, besieged a hideout in Mosul, Iraq. Uday is portrayed as a blood-thirsty tyrant with no regard for human life - and as a man and ruler whom the people of Iraq greatly feared. The accounts also detail how Uday was fixated on his appearance , a behavior which caused the public to view him as both dangerous and eccentric.

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At some point Uday announced, "Now you will dance for me," and everyone danced. While we were dancing, he took out a pistol and fired three shots in the air.

Uday married Saja, the daughter of Barzan al Tikriti, Saddam's half-brother, when she was a teenager and he was in his mid-twenties. The marriage was arranged by Saddam in an attempt to end his organization led by Hussein's son Uday, beheaded over women in public, dumping their severed heads at their families' doorsteps. Witnesses can confirm that these women were labeled as prostitutes and beheaded because they were the wives of political opponents of the regime. "I can't sit down and remain silent when it's said that an Iraqi woman was raped," he said. "This   In his novel The Devil's Double, Latif Yahia depicts how bodyguards seized women for Uday Hussein's personal use. He maintains how the guards often assaulted the abductees as well. If Uday laid eyes on a woman he desired, he'd reportedly order his henchmen to kidnap her right off the streets and take her to his private chambers

He said, 'Don't worry, it's a tradition in honour of my father'. Just before dawn, Camille noticed that one of the French women had disappeared.

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In an anteroom, she found Uday's aunt, his bodyguard, the French group leader and the woman. We can't tell him things aren't done like that in France.

It's an honour for you'. The woman was very drunk, but stood her ground and refused to stay. Camille came to the girl's rescue.

  Saddam Hussein's eldest son mercilessly beats girls as young as 12 on the soles of their feet if they refuse to sleep with him, Iraqi defectors said today. Uday Hussein forces head tears of schools in Baghdad's poorest districts to send pupils to his   The girl was then asked to spend a night with Uday. On resisting Uday guards would take the girl with them to Uday's place where he would rape her repeatedly until his appetite was there no more. Nahlet Sabet was a student who dared to openly reject Uday, she was raped and then thrown naked to the hungry wild dogs who then ripped her to pieces   Among the photos were those of Jenna and Barbara Bush, the US president's twin year-old daughters, "dressed up very nice in evening clothes," Ballanco said, adding that soldiers took them down "to protect the president."

We didn't come to Iraq to be whores," she declared. The French group leader warned she would create a 'diplomatic incident'.

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Thereupon, the bodyguard went back and whispered in Uday's ear. The group leader said, 'What's the big deal? Haven't you ever been in an orgy in Paris?

That was a horrible moment, but later he thanked me. Woman had rare insight into Uday's twisted world Wed, Jul 0, Editor's Choice Most Viewed Editor's Choice.

  He said Uday was known to like very young and pretty girls, that he sometimes wanted to keep them. So they dreamed up a phoney marriage - she was live prey." Uday

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Uday, head of Iraq's Olympic Committee, was known to have beaten football players and athletes when they lost.

The defectors said he also inflicted beatings, imprisonment and torture on close friends and business associates - simply for being late to a meeting or irritating him. His punishments have become more brutal since an assassination attempt in which left him with walking difficulties and problems having sex.

Uday also likes to deflower virginity, knowing that no one will touch them after he has slept with them, the defectors said. The defectors have been debriefed by MI6 and Pentagon officials and are regarded as reliable sources on the workings of Saddam's regime, the magazine said.

Intelligence officials believe Uday may have been in the bunker hit by a cruise missile in the "decapitation strike" on Baghdad in the first hours of the war. His younger brother, Qusay, is Saddam's heir after Uday fell out of favour when he murdered a close friend of his father in Saddam's son beats year-olds who say no to sex: defectors.

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  (Saddam Hussein's son Uday) > He caught sight of Nahle Sabet, a pretty architecture student from a respected middle-class Christian family he'd > noticed when he occasionally attended classes. He cruised past her slowly now, honking, trying to get her attention. She refused to > even look in his direction. > > Two days later Sabet was a few blocks from her family's home in a Baghdad   Very large text size Saddam Hussein's eldest son mercilessly beats girls as young as 12 on the soles of their feet if they refuse to sleep with him, Iraqi defectors said today. Uday Hussein forces head tears of schools in Baghdad's poorest districts to send pupils to his palace where he arranges dates with those he likes   Uday's excesses carried over in his private life where he had a reputation for ordering any girl or woman who caught his eye to be brought to his private pleasure dome

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