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We are not "locked out of the school".

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I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped adults from trying to get into the school through the recess doors! They look at me like I'm the crazy one!

That I'm inconveniencing them! It's scary. I don't care that you're dropping off a lunch or a child or picking up a child. Everyone must go through the main entrance, which is controlled by the office unless they have a school ID badge.

Tween girls peeing

No exceptions. I even told a Police Officer that he had to use the main entrance. I'm sure that was a test though. I'm sorry to go off on such a tangent!

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I had to address the "locked out of the school" comment that said it's illegal. It's not.

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We do it for safety reasons, but all tears have keys to get into the building. Get her tear involved.

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It may be an issue of her not wanting to ask or being unsure or unclear about HOW she is to ask, so she waits hoping she can hold it until the tear gives them "bathroom break time" or something.

Also, make sure she understands that when the tear does give them bathroom break time that she GO even if she doesn't think she needs to. Talk to her tear.

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There should be set times for the kids to go. Ask the tear to have her go before lunch or the same time everyday. Seriously they need structure.

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I still make my kids go before they leave the house daily. She will be fine if the tears actually give some guidance on this. Don't worry :.

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Jodi, you're not crying in front of her, are you? If you are, then you are part of her problem. You MUST NOT do this.

Her issue is vastly different from yours unless she has been diagnosed as having a medical problem with her bladder. What you are describing is a behavioral issue. Stop projecting your experience onto her. You are enabling this behavior and practically rewarding it by empathizing with her. Instead, she needs the natural consequences of peeing her pants.

Talk to her tear about directing your daughter to go to the bathroom. She should have to do this before getting to enjoy going out on the playground. I really mean it when I say that your daughter is NOT you. At home, she doesn't get a privilege until she goes to the bathroom first.

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If she pretends to go and then pees her pants, she needs to have to go to her room and lose her privileges. She tells you that she peed her pants, and that's a plea for attention.

If she's doing it at home after you are TELLING NOT asking her to go to the bathroom, then it's manipulative behavior and you need to treat it as such. My daughter had accidents in Kindergarten. And in 1st grade. It is, childhood. And normal. At my kids' elementary school in fact, the Health Room stocks And NO fuss is made, about it.

Wholesale!,Pink Or Blue Lovely Vest Design Training Bras For 9 To 12 Year Old Pubescent Young Girls Xg Girls Underwear Size Lil Girls In Underwear 7 to 8 year old girl vest shorts suits summer 9 to 10 children modal underwear six girls pajamas 11 clothes 12 Talk to the tear, tell her that kiddo is peeing on the playground since she can't get in to the bathroom. Ask the tear to say "Kiddo, go to the bathroom please" before it's time to go outside. If kiddo won't go then tell tear to say "Kiddo, when you go pee we can go outside". Then stand there until kiddo goes in and sits down to pee This video was uploaded from an Android phone

NO Tear, makes it a big deal, nor any school staff. NOR any of the kids that were in my daughter's class when she had accidents. NO ONE, ever made fun of her. The Tear made NO focus on it.

She helped my daughter discreetly. And then told me privately if my daughter had an accident. At NO time, did any Tear make like my daughter was abnormal.

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ALL her tears told me, that kids these ages and grades, have accidents. AND that they may still sleep in night diapers and have accidents too at night. But that, most parents find it all, very embarrassing.

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My daughter's tears, NEVER EVER, made it a big deal. Neither did I. Its okay. They grow out of it.

Girl Peeing on Girls PRANK

BUT if your daughter has no access, to the bathroom then that is a problem. Because then, NO child can use the bathroom and they must all have to hold it?

That is NOT right. At my kids' school, any kid can use the bathroom anytime, even if that is during lunch or recess. That is absurd. Just to add to this, be sure to send her an extra set of clothes if you aren't. It was encouraged when my son went to K and guess what? The kid peed on himself in the bathroom aim and all and needed them.

If she has a change of clothes it might help with the her smelling like pee all afternoon - if you already do send clothes - awesome! Teach her to go pee even before she "can no longer wait.

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And what do you mean they are "locked out of the building" during recess? I'm pretty sure that's illegal, all over the US, so call the school and ask. I would talk to her tear and ask that she be reminded more to go to the bathroom.

That way she'll retrain herself to go on a regular basis. We had a neighbor boy with this problem.

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The parents got a watch with an alarm i. little beep. They set the alarm to go off every two hours. Their kid had to go to the BR every time it rang. It worked! Make arrangements with the tear to allow her to go when it rings. This is classic bladder training. last year my son wouldn't poop at school.

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but at pick up time. he had to go real bad and went in the school bathroom and pooped with me outside the door. this year in first he told me that he wet his pants casue he had to go real bad.

and his pants had a stuck button but talk to the tear. and see if they cant encourage your daughter to go potty before recesss. Since you had corrective surgery is it possible your daughter has no control and needs the same type of surgery now?

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If you haven't talked to your pediatrician please do.

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