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Additionally if you pursue counseling for your daughter, this therapist may feel that this is a reportable incident and you can work with the therapist through this process.

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To find counseling resources for youth, you can ck with your insurance provider, primary care physician or your daughter's school counselor may have some resources. Do you have information on how your school responds to these types of situations?

Are you comfortable partnering with your school to help design a response to this situation that does not further traumatize your daughter, or put her or the other boy at risk for unwanted and uag4food.comoductive exposure? I would review these questions with another trusted adult as you determine your action steps with your school.

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However, should your own exploration determine that there are ongoing behaviors that are sexual and unhealthy in that they are aggressive, unwanted and are not age-appropriate, you may want to make a formal report to the police and your school. The possible impact on your daughter of bringing this into the open at school so that other children are made aware of what happened does need to be considered.

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If you are not satisfied with the answers you are getting, you have the option of meeting with the Superintendent of Schools in your district. This is a complex situation because it contains typical behaviors, as well as concerning behaviors that involve sexual activity and physical force.

Farrah Abraham is dismissing criticism after posting a Snapchat video of her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, dancing in a bra and underwear. The video showed Sophia dancing around in what appeared to be a dressing room of a New York City Nordstrom store. Abraham shook off the critics, saying, 'I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins.' Dear Concerned Parent, When a child discloses that he has been toud sexually, it is important to believe what he says. A child, while often imaginative, cannot make up stories that include specific adult like sexual behaviors without having some exposure to the behaviors Warning: Images from video above may be disturbing. Sheriff's deputies in Panama City Beach, Florida, are searching for two men accused in a gang rape on a crowded beach. Two other suspects have

However you respond, your daughter will benefit from you taking her concerns seriously and in follow up activities to help protect her from further inappropriate and potentially dangerous situations. Please share your feedback on this question.

Should I be worried that my daughter's game of "truth or dare" included sexually aggressive behaviors? I am sure that everyone has been a little more cautious in the last week.

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. This first-grade class got quite the eyeful. A mom in Jacksonville, Fla., was going about her business TechXtra is one of the best deep web search engines where you can search for content that has to do with Math, Engineering, and Computing. You can search for things such as technical data, industry news, classifieds, learning resources, full-text Eprints, and relevant website information Dear Stop It Now!, My daughter, age 11, and another boy, age 12, were on the school bus playing "truth or dare". They dared each other to pull their pants down and they did; but then the boy dared my daughter to perform oral sex

According to an interview the mom gave with Insidershe only decided to share the video after her tear friends encouraged her. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS.

Perfect way to start my day. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP. Fox News Flash top headlines for May 28 Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Both boys deserve to feel safe and supported.

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It is very important that a safety plan be implemented to help protect both boys. All adults involved should be aware of the safety plan and it should include strict supervision whenever the boys are together. They should never be left alone.

Our prevention tool, Create your family safety plan will help you further design a safety plan for your family. Professional Help and Filing a Report The adults involved may want to explore seeking out professional counseling for the children.

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When contacting a therapist, this could be a question asked in the intake process. Regardless, you may want to file a report as well.

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I recognize that this may sound like another difficult step but reporting often helps families get the supports they need and helps get the professional resources in place to help the children involved. Please read our information on filing reports, and ChildHelp 1. If you or other adults are interested in finding professional counseling, please refer to our specialized treatment resourcesfor both children who have been abused as well as for youth at risk to offend or who have offended.

You can also talk with your pediatrician or insurance carrier for treatment referrals. I realize that this probably a lot of information that is very concerning.

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