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Support Us About Us , Contact Us , Lift Up Local , Staff , Careers , Privacy , Terms , Help. Support - voice of Houston and help keep the future of Houston Press free. Know what's equally badass? Girl-power anthems. And no, we're not talking about esy power ballads a la Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey.

They do support the troops, but Dickinson is a little busy with things other then just fronting 1 of the biggest bands in the world. Notify of. new follow-up comments new replies to my comments.

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newest oldest most voted. Inline Feedbacks. Red Robster. January 5, am. Click to go to video at youtube Godsmack sme? refuses to play in My country. Reply to Red Robster.

Reply to MSgtD. my daddy was SAC 7 bombardment wing out of Carswell. AFB when he retired. Who Sings Roll With The Puns Pudge1. May 14, am. Dying for a Little Peace: The Army of the Harebrained Grows by the Day by David Solway RUTHFULLY YOURS. April 9, am. November 12, pm. June 29, pm. June 0, am. Reply to Will. Millitary songs Kickthathabit.

Top kick ass songs

April 1, am. November 10, pm. Captain America. September 15, pm. Reply to Captain America. June 21, pm.

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May 19, am. Reply to machogwapo. UP THE IRONS! May 18, am. May 18, pm. Reply to PsychoDad. Not really about war. February 2, pm. Reply to STG. June 1, pm. May 17, pm. June 22, pm.

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Reply to JohnGalt4Prez. Reply to RockingHorseGuy. But bygones. Kick ass show. A bit more seriously How about some white stripes: Seven Nation Army, anyone?

I'm surprised so many people are also saying Republica.

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I always thought of it as a guilty, personal pleasure of mine. Mediocre lyrics, but oh so catchy. Bombs Over Baghdad. I don't know why.

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But I want to apply the beatdown when I hear that song, and in a good way! Pretty much anything by Toby Keith. And it's his ass I want to kick. But I don't have an anger problem.

Republica and Elastica are both guilty pleasures that drew some ridicule when I first heard them. How about t. Over-commercialized russian "lesbian" pop-rock that was just way too catchy.

Kick-Ass 2 - Hit-Girl vs Mother Russia

Also: Black Eyed Peas - "Anxiety" The Urge - "It's my turn to fly". Drowning Pool - "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" At one of my last jobs, we were doing some work for the military, and they played a somewhat scary video with this song as the background: youtube. Mein- The Deftones youtube.

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Zombie is an amazing song from so many perspectives. How about some White Zombie - "More Human Than Human". Spitfire-Prodigy youtube. actuall;y that is quite catchy Powerman when world's collide and another one, i can't recall. Eminem - "Lose Yourself" Whitesnake - "Here I Go Again" Buckrry - "Lit Up". oh yeah, eminem. good one, Jay. Buckrry's "For the Movies" was an awesome song.

I wonder why they didn't get more play. I loooovveed that song. for the movies was by far the best song off that cd not exactly a kickass song but more of a nostalgia song representing the ladies, bif naked - i love myself today also: billy idol - white wedding april wine - roller bloc party - helicopter eve 6 - promise reel big fish - where have you been?

ted leo and the pharmacists - me and mia.

Apr 16,   This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us. Sparks. Montage prior to the meeting between Kick-Ass and Red Mist. Download on Amazon - This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us. Play on Apple Music - This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us. Play on Spotify - This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

Weezer - My Name Is Jonas Three Days Grace - Pain, and Riot and damn, this is a guilty pleasure, but oh well Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls. At The Drive In - One Armed Scissor youtube. Er, not Pain - Animal I Have Become.

It was sitting on my ipod, sulking in the corner Buckrry had some great stuff. They've got a new single that I've only ever heard on I was just thinking that! I love that new Buckrry song but I can't seem to find it anywhere except for randomly on the radio when I'm only halfway paying attention.

May 16,   All sorts of pro-military songs from Iron Maiden, Ace's High, Die with your Boots on, and my all time favorite. The Trooper. Other kickass songs that I think are very appropriate: 5 Finger Death Punch - Far from Home - No One Gets Left Behind. Doors Down - When I'm Gone Apr 02,   reviews. The effect "Eye of the Tiger" has on older folks.*. "You Know My Name," Chris Cornell. "Butterflies and Hurricanes," Muse. "Machinehead," Bush. "Ready to Go," Republica. "Connection," Elastica (yeah, older school) Apr 14,   top 10 metal songs! plz comment and like the video for more!

According to iTunes, the new Buckrry album is called "15", and the new single is called "Crazy Bitch" How about some Offspring - "Come out and Play" and "Self Esteem" from Smash and "Lightning Rod" from Splinter are awesome songs. lol youtube.

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offspring singalong? Bad Habit is a great song. Pretty much can't go wrong with offspring. how about that nickelback song about fucking in a car?

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I think it's called "Animals" it'll never win anything for lyrics, but it's got a lot of energy. A classic: Living Colour - "Cult of Personality". Scotty D - That video rocks. The part where the bird gets vaporized by the pitch is awesome. That blur song is great.

How about Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot. I remember that Blur song was on the trailer for Starship Troopers, but when the movie came out, it was nowhere to be found in the film, nor the soundtrack. The weesdom of the eenternet says the song only showed up in the trailers.

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But to be honest, we frankly do not give a damn. This song is Beyonce at her best, proclaiming that girls run the world. We like to see it as a fancy middle finger to the patriarchal society - a middle finger we can dance to, mind you - and without it, our girl-power list would be a much sadder place.

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Initially, it was a bit odd to think that this super-pissed anthem was written about Dave Coulier, the comedian dude from Full Housebut that quickly became a non-issue thanks to all the theater-themed badassery.

Morrisette inadvertently helped raise a whole new group of angst-embracing women.

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She had no problem at all shuttin' down her lover's drunken antics with just a few well-chosen words. In the song, Turner is eswing love, because fuck it - and the heartbroken, haunting way in which she does it has resonated with women for decades. Her funky hit - her first outside her longtime band Rufus - is all about bringing about camaraderie among women. When layered with those super-powered vocals and the band's sweet, sweaty funk, it makes for a fantastic girl-power song.

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Aretha played into that, telling the world that this woman knows just how to demand what she wants - her profits - and while that dude's kisses are sweeter than honey, guess what?

So is her money. Or something like that, right?

That's pretty much the gist of Helen Reddy's original girl-power anthem from the '70s. This OG girl-power song celebrated female empowerment and sold more than 1 million copies, becoming a No. It also became an enduring anthem for the women's liberation movement, which was reaching a pinnacle in the early '70s.

But while its "screw you, I'm a chick and you'll listen to me" message made plenty of noise back then, it continues to be a staple of the grrrl-power movement even today. Their abrasively pro-woman stance is at its best on songs like 's "Rebel Girl," featuring lyrics like these:. When she talks I hear the revolution In her hips there's revolution Where she walks the revolution's coming In her kiss I taste the revolution. Keep the Houston Press Free

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